Merc Idea: Waver

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“Did zat sting? It did, didn’t it?!”
Name: Waver
Age: 30
Nationality: German

Health: 150
Speed: 340

Role: Medic

Profile: Part of the Medics Division, He’s been inventing things Day, and Night, he made the “Medical Wave Field and Reviver”, or the MWFR. He made it for a test run, but ended up in his own hospital due to an accident. He got paralysis on his legs and back, but he Re-Made the Invention with his hands and managed in a success! He’s no longer paralysed, and to prevent it to happen again, he made the MWFR an attachment for his Juggernaut Armor, he can take a beating, and still heal people while at it.

Ability 1: MWFR Heal mode
AOE: Cone-Shaped
Cooldown: 5 secs
Healing Received (Low Charge): 50
Healing Received (Maximum): 150

Located on his Left arm, Using the Healing Augment, you send out a Healing Wave that heals people in a cone shape, allowing multiple to be healed, after a Wave has been used up, it takes 5 secs for it to recharge, If Maximum Charge.

Ability 2: MWFR Revive Mode
Aoe: Cone-shaped
Cooldown: 3 secs
Healing Received (Low Charge): 20
Healing Received (Maximum):100

Located on his Right Arm, Using the Revive Augment, you send out an Electrical Pulse that heals anyone in a Cone shape, allowing multiple to be Revived, after the wave has been used up, it takes 3 secs for it to recharge, If Maximum Charge. Decreased Health recover is due to it being spread out, minimizing Health recovered.


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Cricket Bat, Batons, Knife

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    I would strongly advise reducing the cooldowns on his abilities. People already dislike Guardian for having a sub-10 second cooldown on her Biopulse- a full minute cooldown for what could be a 20 HP revive is complete trash. Same goes for a 40 second heal CD.

    Also, the rez wave basically does the same thing that Guardian does, so you might want to reconsider that ability.

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    The whole concept to me Looks like a german mix of Guardian and Phoenix.
    Even though I prefer AoE-healing over med packs the idea of cones for using both abilities is not really something you can rely on too much in a firefight.
    Overall a good idea but why in all heavens woud you give an asian melee to a german doctor?

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