Fix Ranked pls

I´ve played Season 3 and 4 and it´s always the same: one-sided matches everywhere. SD has to improve the MM algorithm for more balanced match-ups. Also they should think abot numbers, since many players quit. They cant implement changes for a game which is being played by thousands of players, while in reality only 2-4k play it.

Ranked is really @$!# up right now and you cant really have fun with it or at least say that it was a fairt competition by even players. Too many ragequitter, way too many. SD has to fix leaving penalties or they´ll just continue this @$!#


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  • Cgz27Cgz27 Posts: 77

    They should give us a give us something like +5 RP just for sticking out a game (and losing) after a leaver. And maybe +20 RP for winning a game after losing 3 in a row, maybe +10RP for after 2 losses :D (which is cancelled for leavers)

    Just to give some incentive o3o

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