I just found this (-->https://www.facebook.com/groups/dirtybombgermany/) Facebook Group for German Dirty Bomb players, so "wenn du das hier lesen kannst" , then you should definitely join this group! :smiley:

Just so you know, im not an admin of the group or so, this is NO promotion ;)

Oh, and if you search for a YT channel, that also makes german dirty bomb content, then you should check out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcMSllzJ6XHpN6wfhgNtkew (Here comes the self-promotion! :DDD)


  • Eh, been a while but I'll give it a shot. I could read it. Ich wurde beitritt (don't remember this word), aber mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut. Ich komme aus Kentucky. I'll probably get better at German one day considering both sides of my family are pretty pure. For now I can get by with piecing a few words together and somewhat reading but that's it. The woman in my life is Ukrainian so I'll likely end up learning that Slavic alien speak too.

    Good luck finding fellow Germans to play with! I'd imagine there are a lot considering DB being Europe based and all. Also zu gehen anschauen deine videos.

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