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Now I'm getting put to the main menu as well

Why is this happening. My mates have been complaining about it for weeks but I just got it for the first time today.

Get into game, run around for 20 seconds, and just get booted to the main menu with no kicked or error message.

Join another server, run around for 20 seconds, and get removed to the main menu again.

It's a pretty game breaking bug (you literally can't play) and I've seen no one from SD's end acknowledging the problem.


  • ScruffyRulesScruffyRules Posts: 3
    edited September 2017

    Can confirm, happened to me right after Dox.

    Edit: EAC's server is down:


    I've had this issue for months now

  • doxjqdoxjq Posts: 2,081
    edited September 2017

    @STARRYSOCK said:
    I've had this issue for months now

    My friends have been getting it for weeks too, and so often that they've given up playing again.

    It's infuriating, because we can't do anything about it, but we're also hearing nothing from SD as to what can be done.

    We literally can't play the game. A bug doesn't get any worse than that lol. Something needs to be resolved asap.

  • Same is happening with me now. Level 33 and have never had this problem. As of today whenever I join a server in about 20 seconds I get unceremoniously kicked to main menu without any feedback.

  • Started happening to me after the small update I got today.
    Same thing booted after 15 to 20 secs.
    Have been playing DB for years, but wont be anymore until they fix this.

  • PinfluxPinflux Posts: 18Administrator, Moderator, Developer

    Hey all, thanks for raising this - We're investigating right now.

    We're hearing that the issue seems to be affecting Australia/NZ - Could you confirm where you're playing from?

  • MelinderMelinder Posts: 738
    edited September 2017

    @Pinflux Dox is from New Zealand

    Eradicator of Chimps

  • doxjqdoxjq Posts: 2,081

    I'm from NZ, my mate Aph is from NZ as well (he's the one who has been having this for 2-3 weeks now) but Scruffyrules is from Aus.

  • PinfluxPinflux Posts: 18Administrator, Moderator, Developer

    Thanks guys. We've been working with Easy Anti Cheat and it sounds like they've resolved the issue - You all able to play again?

  • I'm from Australia and it OK now. Thanks for the quick response.

  • PinfluxPinflux Posts: 18Administrator, Moderator, Developer
    edited September 2017

    Good to hear! And no problem! :)

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