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Will Javelin's axe ever get fixed?

It was perfect on release, didn't have any problems other than a clipping issue. One of the patches messed it up, made the range almost nothing and its animation was off. It's still the same way for the most part, slightly better after the recent update, but still broken. The range is very small and its animation still feels off.

Would love to see it go back to how it was on release... :'(


  • That's like asking will the Crafting system ever be updated.

    Eradicator of Chimps

  • What the Ragnarok just happened to it?

    By the way, Javelin got me into watching "VIKINGS", I give SD that. ;)

    However, you made gods angry, offer your sacrifice! Fix that axe!

    Dirty Bomb = Lawbreakers 2.0 Electric Boogaloo

  • GuziolGuziol Posts: 363

    It still sounds like cricket bat. It's so annoying.

  • ImSplooshImSploosh Posts: 1,169

    @Melinder said:
    That's like asking will the Crafting system ever be updated.

    Sadly... :'(

    But with Javelin, it is vital to gameplay so I was hoping it would get fixed fairly quickly. Guess I'll stay wishing. I'd probably have better luck posting on the Dirty Bomb reddit as it seems all of the problems posted here get ignored.

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