how i call my teamate for "ammo" "medic"......taunt

i don t find the key the ask for ammo, ......




  • HunterAssassin5HunterAssassin5 Posts: 1,201
    by default, the button to open the quickchat menu is V. the request section is under 2 of V, for ammo, it's V + 2+ 2, for health it's V + 2 + 1...i think, it could be the other way around.

    so. V+2+2=ammo, V+2+1=health, most of the time. you might get a stupid/oblivious medic/fire support that'll completely ignore you.
  • x3mytizx3mytiz Posts: 127
    But, if you will be lucky enough and get ammo or health, don't forget to press V 4 3.
  • thx
  • stewert21stewert21 Posts: 11

    v 2 1 is to ask for a medic
    v 2 2 is to ask for ammo
    v 4 3 is to say thanks

  • AlbinMattAlbinMatt Posts: 1,131

    Be a good chap and V5 8 6 at the end of every match eh?

  • KiraysKirays Posts: 1,483Moderator

    Same goes to here. :)

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