Who i change my name & avatar?

I change in the launcher and any change here.


  • same question here. I'd like to change my forum name and avatar. Launcher did not work for me, as well as forum settings.
  • stewert21stewert21 Posts: 11

    I'm pretty sure you have to be a cretin forum level to change you picture
    IDK about forum name :)

  • AlbinMattAlbinMatt Posts: 1,131

    You guys need 25 forum points to change your avatar. Changing your forum names might need a moderator.

  • KiraysKirays Posts: 1,483Moderator
    edited July 2017

    Try editing your profile, you can change your name there.

    By the way, remember to check the date of a thread. This one is like a year old.

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