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Question about vote kicks in ranked

What happens after you get vote kicked in rank???
Do you still get the win/loss or do you get temp ban from ranked

Never happened to me but was wondering what happens

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  • bgyoshibgyoshi Posts: 1,209
    You should get a loss and a major penalty.
    How big the penalty is, depends on how often you got a penalty in the previous 7 days.

    Sounds easily abused and like it would cause more harm than it could solve.

    "u suk dude voteban"
  • XavienXXavienX Posts: 2,404
    I got vote kicked but I received no penalty most likely due to me losing connection earlier then I had to restart my PC and rejoined the match to find out another player disconnected and it said I could leave with no penalty. The vote kick happened because of the salt from my "teammates" with my sudden connection that went haywire.
  • Kicking afk or people with bad connection in ranked makes no sense, the game's not going to give anybody in place of the kicked person. At least if they are on the server they can be used as meat shield.
  • SzakalotSzakalot Posts: 3,251
    @HammerOfDawn21 not if they are purposefully causing teamdamage

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