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The MOFO Update - Update Notes 11/22/2016



  • >tfw you need to scroll for ages past the update notes to get to the comments section

    3 Posts for change logs? You just wanted 3 times the number of likes didn't you? :wink:
    Looking good though, have my 3 likes.
  • JostabeereJostabeere Posts: 4,233
    edited November 2016
    Dawnrazor wrote: »
    Jostabeere wrote: »
    Hey kids, remeber that colorgrading 0 setting that was in the game for months now? It's now a brandnew lighting update!!!
    Edit: Oh Snap! I'm not the first who noticed it.

    Textures and lighting have actually been changed, removing pissfilters is just a small part of it.
    Textures were changed, obviously. But unless you got a source that new lighting was added, it's just the change of the in-game setting we already had.
    Edit: I even installed the game again. Besides changed textures on walls or other objects, it does look the same as the old colorgrading settings. I even compared screenshots made now with the ones from here:
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    I don't know how many years have passed. I still despise the Minemonkey and it'll never change!
    MOFO update wasn't such a disappointment
    CMM is the absolute worst thing SD could've made. It doesn't work at all and makes finding OBJ games so much harder. I would really like to know who at SD had that bright idea.

  • They didn't remove the fog in the distance. What a shame.

    Still gonna have to use "fogdensity 0" command to get rid of it. Good thing color filter is removed, never liked that vision.

    Dirty Bomb = Lawbreakers 2.0 Electric Boogaloo

  • BlackboltLWBlackboltLW Posts: 602
    edited November 2016
    Ooh! long list of notes! Let's see what the update is-

    [*]Fixed bug where players could receive more than their max capacity ammo when using Ammo Caches in the maps


    Edit: The update video is just effing amazing
  • BlackBlack Posts: 511
    Updated pre-match team balance to factor in player Level more heavily
    Improving performance, especially for those with lower spec machines, has been a huge focus

    After not posting on these forums in so long I just wanted to drop by and say THANK GOD. I actually starting to have a bit more faith in dirty bomb's development.

    Now all I'm waiting for is a proxy mine nerf and a phantom buff.
  • god1god1 Posts: 363
    Nice patch in terms of optimization, the game actually runs at playable framerates now without having to use black magic configs, too bad it came a year and a half too late.
    Shouldn't have blocked all those advanced walljumps though, makes the movement too easy and boring, there's nothing to learn in it anymore.
  • i have a VERY BIG problem with the mofo update :open_mouth:
    before the MOFO update i play on super hight quality (between 60-80FPS) but since the update in hight quality i very lag(in0-10fps)and when i play on minimal graphics i can just play but with a lot of lag (in minimal after update i have max 25 fps) i don't know what happen but it's a big problem :/ i not play since update it's impossible with freez (i freez 4-5seconde) please help :(
  • amazing updates. Like everything. I also hope it gets better. Best update so far. Other updates have been so and so. mostly stuff players don't need or want. But this is good. Keep up the good work on don't waste time on nonsense development (like execution maps, disabling alt F4 etc no1 cares about these changes. If some1 wants to rage disabling altF4 doesn't make any difference).
  • fuzzelfuzzel Posts: 104
    gg SD

    more lags as before..

    more bugs as before..

    again no new maps..

    no giveaway event....

    very nice....
  • Thanks for the update Splash Damage/Nexon.
  • fuzzel wrote: »
    more lags as before..
    Same here. Worst update ever.
  • BomBaKlaKBomBaKlaK Posts: 191
    edited November 2016
    Since the MOFO update DB player peak during prime time get a huge amount of 10 more players !!
    Hype train !!

    What's DB need
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  • fuzzelfuzzel Posts: 104
    haha you are so right Bomba----!
  • bgyoshibgyoshi Posts: 1,212
    edited November 2016
    So many bug fixes and improvements for people that can't afford $1200 computers. Good to see SD working nonstop on game improvements.

    But I'll still just be here waiting for new maps, game modes, and a final decision on 5v5 in casual matchmaking, or getting rid of the 5v5 competitive format and implementing 6v6 instead.
  • since the last update i have always low fps always my fps shut down i have a lot of freez and lag same when i play on minimal quality and before the update i play on super hight without freez and without problem but since this update omfg is very NOT better !!! i stop to play this games because now i CAN'T !
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