An option to switch mercs at halftime?

If your like me you have mercs you like to attack with and mercs you like to defend with. With this in mind, it is really hard to pick 3 mercs to attack AND defend with. So, I think it would be wise you put in a 30 second period at halftime where you are able to switch mercs.

What do y'all think?


  • RedBeardRedBeard Posts: 259
  • no
  • kopyrightkopyright Posts: 545
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    There wouldn't even be that much of a disadvantage for either side since both would be allowed to anyway.
  • Serious SamSerious Sam Posts: 157
    RedBeard wrote: »

    How very loquacious of you. I find the reasoning behind your opinions infallible.

    I agree that you should get a chance to switch your mercs up between rounds. It gives players the ability to plan more complicated strategies for attack and defense based on a wider variety of mercs, and it isn't really unbalanced because of the fact that it doesn't happen in the middle of combat or anything.
  • SamillWongSamillWong Posts: 96
    RedBeard wrote: »

    At least give some reasons for why did you disagree with it?
    I personally think it's a decent idea, just so you can always pick mercs that you find more effective when on a specific side. Such as Arty or Skyhammer when you are up defending as CDA in one of those EV maps, or if your entire team is lacking a medic/engineer/fire support.
  • teflonloveteflonlove Posts: 610
    No, because finding 3 mercs that work reasonably well on both sides and cover all areas as a team is part of the appeal compared to Objective.

    It would help though if you could see what your team mates pick during preparation even in pubs. Currently you don't know if there is a certain merc in your team unless you pick them yourself.

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  • ProfPlumpProfPlump Posts: 709
    RedBeard wrote: »

    Why not? I hate this bullshit where people just say "no" and slap a Disagree on the comment without explaining their reasoning.

    Why SHOULN'T the mercs be changeable at half time? It would be interesting to see people changing mercs to try and counter each others' if they didn't end up having the right mercs on their team to start with in competitive.
  • EquanimityEquanimity Posts: 172
    My only reasoning for disagreeing is I think there is a lot of valuable strategy that comes from locking people in to three mercs for the whole duration of the game, and it would make stopwatch feel like it takes forever (as if it didn't already when teams are unbalanced).
  • Personally I like it when it's rather limited, especially for competitive matches. I feel as if more communication and planning is needed.
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