I honestly refuse get punish for leaving the game that start 4-5 in "competive" stopwatch match.


  • Then why do you bother playing competitive if you're gonna leave...

    You're just ruining it for the players that are looking for a challenge.
  • I didnt press "accept" to 4v5. What is the point having 20% less players from the start to the end?

  • blonkblonk Posts: 417
    If you hang around for long enough it should give you a message indicating that there will be no penalties for leaving as the missing player won't return. At least, that's what used to happen, isn't that still the case?
  • No, you have to be 3v5 to be able leave with no penalties :)
  • RedBeardRedBeard Posts: 259
    ahahahahah Enjoy not playing!
  • game is broken and dev doesn't want repair it.
  • RedBeardRedBeard Posts: 259
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