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Dirty Bomb Players Poll: Which Mouse do you use?

Hi all!
Currently I am doing a Poll about which Mice Dirty Bomb Players use. (I am just curios)
I would be very pleased if you could take 30 seconds of your time to answer 2 questions (Brand and Model)
Thank you!



    I've been using a generic 10$ dell mouse for a while now because I sorta maybe destroyed my last one. Curious to see what other people prefer though, maybe it's finally time to get a new one lol

  • Mc1412013Mc1412013 Posts: 2,419

    I feel like ive seen a thread about this already

    Hey look i finaly got a sig , and nothing to put here

  • bgyoshibgyoshi Posts: 1,212

    This thread has indeed already been made before

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