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Shoe's last stream asked for community feedback regarding weapon balance so he can redirect to dev's

Hello , i'm reposting this here since it was deleted on Dirty Bomb subreddit .

So /u/stayfreshshoe last Dirty Bomb stream was kinda good and open, he didn't answer most of serious questions but instead asked feedback to be DM'ed to him so he can redirect it. I doubt it he missed a lot of post's on this subreddit regarding weapon balance + nerfs but here we go.


They are now mid range two tap weapons that require less skill to be used.

-revert them & tweak damage in various parts of the body, headshot multiplier needs to be back.

Burst Rifles

Yes they were abused in public matches same as other weapons & mercs.

-revert them to old state and tweak dmg/rate/recoil they are now outperformed by everything, bring back accuracy so they can deal dmg.


It was not a newbie weapon , it had high headshot dmg but by far very rewarding to use.

-tweak headshot damage and rework recoil , right now you pray for hit when you fire , the RNG recoil is not needed.

In my opinion this weapon change was to keep the lower level players playing so they spend enough cash before quiting , since SD already pissed vets enough. This was a gamebreaking weapons nerf that proved SD has no focus in gunplay in a competitive shooter. Hope i'm proven wrong , please add your feedback and hopefully a dev will see it & we'll get a weapon balance dev stream.


  • GireGire Posts: 90

    Fix Kukri, Tomahawk, Ulu because feels @$!# to use them

  • HadronZodiacHadronZodiac Posts: 326

    @Gire said:
    Fix Kukri, Tomahawk, Ulu because feels @$!# to use them

    Its true, ulus are quite honestly the worst weapon in the game. At least the stark can deal damage.........

  • watsyurdealwatsyurdeal Posts: 4,813

    The Grandeur

    Get rid of the bloom on that gun, but increase the recoil. So there's no spread to worry a bout while moving, you just point and shoot the gun but you gotta keep pulling your mouse down to control the recoil. While Aiming down sights should reduce this drastically, so it's easier to nail shots.

    And yes I realize this means the gun will likely get a RoF nerf to like 150-160 rpm for balancing reasons, and that's totally fine.

    So hey, I have a small guide here you may like, go ahead, read it, you know you want to.

  • SorotiaSorotia Posts: 1,538

    The K-121 can use some love, or at least give Fragger access to the MK46.
    Burst rifles could use a little love. (Seems like all they can be is either OP or UP)
    Shotguns need a severe penalty for bunny hopping
    SMG-9 is still the jack of all trades, sucks at them all kind of weapon

    Just a few off my head

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