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New Dev Video: FACEIT Competitive News

stayfreshshoestayfreshshoe Posts: 674Administrator, Moderator, Developer

Hey all,

Casual Matchmaking and Ranked are gone, but FACEIT is just around the corner..

The Quick Join Update Patch Notes:
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  • XenithosXenithos Posts: 1,761Special Editor

    Thanks for posting a video update on the different information, the ask the devs portion with ranked was slightly repetitive to watch, but overall I really appreciate the constant multi-platform feedback. Keep going!

    I don't care how much you've played or how good your aim is - If you haven't touched the game at least twice in three months then I see your "opinion" as hot moot.

  • OxayotlOxayotl Posts: 11

    My playing habits were to play games during my lunch break, with choosing between ranked or normal games just before launching the game depending on how much time I can dedicate to the game today, and how I feel. Will I be able to join a competitive game like this with FaceIt, or will it just work for tournament planned well in advance and that will last for much longer than one game?

  • Ads913Ads913 Posts: 24

    The twitch video explains more about Faceit .I have been coverted.

  • bgyoshibgyoshi Posts: 1,212

    I still don't really understand what FACEIT is? It just looks like glorified PUGs.. what am I missing? Their website does a terrible job of describing what it is.

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