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Beamer (New Medic)

HadronZodiacHadronZodiac Posts: 336


Quote - "A medic can't get everywhere, so that's why I'm here..."

Nationality - Mexican
Real Name - ???
Class - Medic
Determined cost - 50k

Stats ---

Health - 100
Sprint - 420
Primaries - Empire-9 / RyburnMP / Welsh92
Secondaries - Arevarov 9 / Hoigat.224/ M9

Welsh92 ---

Damage - 10
ROF - 674RPM
ClipSize - 22
ReloadTime - 1.6seconds

Primary Ability - Medicinal Sabot

Type - Weapon
System - Similar to Hunter's crossbow
Unscoped Healing - 20
Unscoped Damage - 20
Unscoped ROF - 65RPM

Scoped Healing - 15 per .55 seconds (Maximum charge of 90 hp) /// Look - bar split into 5 pieces, each bar fills every .55 seconds until all minibars are filled /// Minimum charge - .55 seconds

Concept - Shoots enemy with an advanced medicine /// Doing team headshots will not increase health given

Scoped Damage - 15 per .55 seconds (Maximum charge of 90 damage) /// Look - bar split into 5 pieces, each bar fills every .55 seconds until all minibars are filled /// Minimum charge - .55 seconds

Headshot multiplier - 1.5x

Concept - Shoots enemy with advanced light poison

Secondary Ability - Refibrillator Grenade

Type - Refib
Does Damage - NO
Type - Charges
RefibBlast Radius - 0.9m per charge (up to 3.6m)

Hold down ability and grenade will charge up every .6 seconds. This can charge up to 4 times, providing 20 hp per charge bar.

Grenade explodes on contact with enemy, teammate, or terrain/walls/floor/etc.

Minimum Charge - 1 (aka .6 seconds)

Cooldown - 1 second

Playstyle =

A light but ranged medical sniper great for keeping her team topped up (assuming they dont loose 7384738 damage in 1 moment). Unlike other medics, her medical ability is a single point. Staying within the back of the team, positioning is as needed as ever. Although she has lighter reviving abilities, she can revive multiple at once, however this is on a way smaller scale compared to guardian. Her Sabot does light damage, meaning she can be used as a light assault sniper, while her medical version does the same amount of healing independent of where it hits your teammate. This of course makes it easier to heal heavier mercs, so team coordination is important so you can land your medical shots.

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