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Post the silliest Merc weapons/abilities here.

So, i know there is somewhere in this part of the DB forums a thread that is better than this one, but it died long ago (kinda) (´・ω・`).

So yeah, i decided to post my crappy one.

Just post the silliest weapon or merc idea, who knows, the Devs might find something interesting about them~

Here we go:

Adrinal Surge - Instantly forces a powerful dosage of zinc and vitamins into the bloodstream of the user and of the teammates, healing 100 HPS and giving a temporary buff that reduces the recoil from weapons and gives a tiny Untrackable buff.

Recall Point (Can only be used outdoors.) - Places a beacon on the ground that can be used as a respawn point for the user and the teammates.

Cluster Mine - Places a mine near a wall or on the ground, enemies that enter a 3 meter radius of the mine will trigger it, sending a cluster of explosives that will detonate after 0,50 seconds.

Neurotoxic Munition - Places a small box containing bullets coated in a powerful neurotoxin, enemies that are hit by the bullets will get slowed down, the more they are shot, the slower they will move.


  • Lord_CoctusLord_Coctus Posts: 2,344

    While we talking about abilities from a specific other game.

    Welcome Bear Trap: Enemies who step on it lose 70hp along with a speed debuff.


  • XernyXerny Posts: 76

    @Lord_Coctus said:
    While we talking about abilities from a specific other game.

    Welcome Bear Trap: Enemies who step on it lose 70hp along with a speed debuff.

    If you think of it, Guardian's sky shield is basically the ADS.

    Anyways here are some other silly ability ideas.

    Recon Drone - Sends a drone that will spot nearby enemies, also highlighting a headshot point around the body.

    Support Drone - Sends a group of 6 small drones (that can't be shot down.) to ally mercs and also the user, the drone will slowly resuply the ally merc with ammo and reduce the cooldown of abilities by 3 seconds.

    Technical Drone - Calls a drone that will hover near a damaged EV or Deployable is in it's radius and will slowly start repairing it.

    MH22 Mortar (Can only be used outdoors.) - Places a mortar on the ground that can be controlled by the user or the allied mercs, the Mortar is loaded with ballistical missiles and gas missiles. If someone uses the Mortar, that certain player will have the ability to send a volley of missiles into the chosen area (maximum radius is about 50-75 meters.), if the gas missiles are used, a cloud of toxic gas will remain, slowly killing the enemy mercs that get inside it (time taken to recharge the missiles is about 10-15 seconds.), the enemy mercs will get an audio warning before the missiles land.

    KH-55 Earthquake Generator - Places a powerful device that will start creating concentrated thumps on the ground creating seismic waves, enemies caught during the land thumps will get 50 damage, while also slowing enemy mercs near the area, (time taken before thumps is about 1.75 seconds.)

  • HadronZodiacHadronZodiac Posts: 326
    edited May 5


    Armor will look team-blue to the right of white health bar

    Cooldown - 9 seconds
    Ability Count - 4 packs
    Throw-Delay - .1 seconds
    Armor Given - 30
    Max Armor Possible - 40% of normal max hp of merc
    Movement-Reduction - every 5 armor will reduce movement by 2 (for walk & sprint)
    Armor removed per second - 2
    Direct-Hit-Bonus - armor removed per second is 1 every other second
    Explosive Damage to Armor Multipler - 50%

    Armor-Assist exp - 100 ((Only given if taken damage from a merc that they kill)
    Armor Exp - Exp = 2x armor given

    If a teammate picks up a pack, they will gain 40 armor, which will deteriorate by 2 every second, so there's little point to spam at spawn and get that fresh xp. If you land a direct pack, every other second it will lose 1 instead of 2 armor points. Speed is reduced by 2 for every 5 armor, stopping fast mercs from ruining EVERYTHING. Explosives also do 1.5x the damage to armor, so it has a counter of course. Multiplier will only effect armor, so if a teammate has 80 armor and bomb does normal 60 damage, all 80 armor will be removed, the remaining 10 armor damage will be divided by 1.5 (math reasons) and will round to a solid number, aka 7 damage. If a teammate with armor takes damage from a merc, and end up killing that merc, you will get a 100exp armor assist bonus.


    Concept - The grenade doesn't explode, but locks onto up to 2 deployables or enemies. Once thrown, it will bounce like any other grenade, but would lock on and do constant damage until the mechanism disappears. Once thrown, it will disappear after 3 seconds. It would do extra damage to deployables. Beams would go through turtle shields but only do half damage. If nade gets behind turtle shield it will go for the base of the shield, if on the other side it cannot target the shield or its base.

    Cooldown - 12 seconds
    Capacity - 2
    BeamDamage - 29 per second
    BeamToDeployableDamage - 39
    LifeTime - 3 seconds
    BeamRange - 2.4 meters

    DThroughShield - 16
    DToDeployableThroughShield - 19


    Ability Capacity = 4
    Cool Down = 5.5 seconds
    Crusade Heal = 46
    DirectHitHeal = 56
    Crusade Blast Radius = 3.1m
    Fuse Time = 1.4 seconds
    Thrown like fletchers stickies, but acts like nader's grenades, Crusade is a longer ranged medic, best at keeping her team topped up. A good strategy is to be just a little bit behind the enemy team to make it easier to heal them with her grenades. Since she can't heal herself with her own medical grenades, she has a context action similar to javelins.

    Context Ability = Smart Medical Armour

    Trigger = Health lower than 80
    HP Containment = 80
    HP Recharge Rate = 5 per second
    Healrate = 10hp per second
    Cooldown = 15 seconds

    Health given per second is cut to half while taking damage
    Her smart medical armour automatically starts healing her over time if she hits 79 or lower hp, at a rate of 10 hp per second, and will not stop until she is at full hp OR the "container" runs out of current contained hp. If she hits max health before the ability depletes to 0, the ability recharges as normal. If they ability hits 0 before she can reach max hp, it will stop providing hp and charging for 12 seconds. The ability can't hold any hp more than 80, meaning if the ability starts when your at 29 hp, the ability is guaranteed to go on cooldown. Her context action replaces normal hp regen because of her virus.


    Type - Weapon
    System - Similar to Hunter's crossbow
    Unscoped Healing - 20
    Unscoped Damage - 20
    Unscoped ROF - 65RPM

    Scoped Healing - 15 per .55 seconds (Maximum charge of 90 hp) /// Look - bar split into 5 pieces, each bar fills every .55 seconds until all minibars are filled /// Minimum charge - .55 seconds

    Concept - Shoots enemy with an advanced medicine /// Doing team headshots will not increase health given

    Scoped Damage - 15 per .55 seconds (Maximum charge of 90 damage) /// Look - bar split into 5 pieces, each bar fills every .55 seconds until all minibars are filled /// Minimum charge - .55 seconds

    Headshot multiplier - 1.5x

    Concept - Shoots enemy with advanced light poison


    Type - Refib
    Does Damage - NO
    Type - Charges
    RefibBlast Radius - 0.9m per charge (up to 3.6m)

    Hold down ability and grenade will charge up every .6 seconds. This can charge up to 4 times, providing 20 hp per charge bar.

    Grenade explodes on contact with enemy, teammate, or terrain/walls/floor/etc.

    Minimum Charge - 1 (aka .6 seconds)

    Cooldown - 1 second

  • HadronZodiacHadronZodiac Posts: 326

    I've read some of your ideas Xerny and tbh I wish to make a merc out of the possibly, hmu if you want and we can conceive something new ;p

  • Demonic_Muff1nDemonic_Muff1n Posts: 159

    anything with railguns, drones and overpowered grenades

  • HadronZodiacHadronZodiac Posts: 326

    The Radiation-Generator I suggested in general

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