The Clash song London Calling for the Dirty Bomb main theme.

It fits for me.


  • SorotiaSorotia Posts: 1,493

    It may fit but money for the rights to use the song is probably better left for development.

  • henki000henki000 Posts: 425

    I think DB is more like Massive Attack type, but who knows.


    Literally every movie that has a scene in London plays that song. I'm not exactly sad DB doesn't use it, lol.
    And for a main menu theme, oh jesus. I get sick of games that don't use atmospheric-type music in the background pretty fast, but an actual song? Might be good for a trailer, but listening to london calling on loop while I wait for matchmaking would drive me insane lol.

    Would be cool to have a DB themed playlist though, this would definitely fit that.

  • MuddyGrenadeMuddyGrenade Posts: 403

    Man if Dirty Bomb looked like TF2, this would be perfect.
    Although, a more "orchestra-ized" version of this would be pretty nice actually. Make it more DB like, but keep the same melody. Maybe a choir singing the vocals.


    @Mr.Cuddlesworth said:
    Since DB takes place in the future, the type of music will have to sound futuristic

    Not necessarily. I mean, we live in the future compared to the 80s, yet 80s music is still popular. DB doesn't really give off a futuristic vibe as much as it does hypermodern. Not to mention eurobeat and whatnot has a pretty oldschool vibe for most people now. Although the speed definitely fits DB well, a lot better than the current menu theme which is pretty much the soundtrack National Geographic would use if they had a documentary on sleep.

  • The average person who doesn't listen to that type of music will think it's new imo

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    In my experience the best music to capture my feelings when having to play DB along side 3 incompetent Vassilis is Japanese Noise Rock. Because this is such a common event SD might as well make something like this the intro music.

    Forget the cobalt Kawaii stick, better listen to some Kawaii rock.

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    @STARRYSOCK If Angel is too used in films, then how about Mad World?

    Honorable mentions:

    Portishead - Wandering Star
    Hooverphonic - Mad About You
    Blackfield - Blackfield
    John Murphy - In a Heartbeat

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