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For the voice lines UI, I think there should be an option to favorite some of the lines for easier access.

Also, what are some of your favorite voice lines?


  • Arty's v793

  • ReXenderTzArReXenderTzAr Posts: 123

    Vassili crying and Phantom saying Kennedy is president.

  • ArtyrimArtyrim Posts: 216

    Sarcastic of Proxy,
    I love to use it at every @$!# that complains about my shotgun

  • Lord_CoctusLord_Coctus Posts: 2,297

    Kiras v57, Guardians v792 and her sarcastic, Sparps v793.


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    I used to like guardians im here to kick ass and chew buble gum and... but they butchered it. And on occasion i like to spam it does not go like a rocket..... or hey the @$!# store called and there running out of you and kowaiiiii

    Hey look i finaly got a sig , and nothing to put here


    Idk why, but I love aura's "are you high? No!!" line. It almost never comes up though

    Also red eye's "on my mark, unleash smells". I only have like, 15 minutes playing red eye so I almost never hear it, but even then I feel it's udnerappreciated

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    @everlovestruck said:
    Arty's v793

    I prefer Arty's v792

    "You say that, but it just sound like I LUV U"

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    "Oh ya beauty!"
    "OH YESSS!"
    "I bring sexy front! Huh?"
    "Make me happy"

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    Can't believe I forgot to put the best voiceline in my other post.
    "I bang you all!"


  • Aura's ''Hell no!'' and ''Are you high''?

    Proxy's ''Are you having a laugh?'' 'Three of ya down, and I'm still dancing''

    Bushwhacker's ''Well you could do the world a favour and shoot yourself now. Save us all the bother.'' and his turret noises

    Phantom's ''I bring sexy front! Huh?'' and his turret noises

    Hunter's ''Crossbow? @$!# furious bow!''

    Aimee's ''Deploying camera''

    Javelin's ''You can run, but you cant-a hide''

  • GireGire Posts: 73

    Phantoms dryest burn "Hey a.sshole! The a.sshole store called and they are running out of you!"

  • teflonloveteflonlove Posts: 606

    V21 and V22. They seem to be the most useful ones.

    Forget the cobalt Kawaii stick, better listen to some Kawaii rock.

  • SzakalotSzakalot Posts: 3,229

    Red Eye’s: I’ve seen it all, believe me.

    Surprisingly morbid, great to troll with


  • I don't think I have ever heard any of those.
    people can just play them during a game?

  • LoafOfBreadLoafOfBread Posts: 509

    Unless they butchered it; Any Redeye/Sparks quote

    Definitely not biased because she/he is my waifu/husbando

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    @Major_Slapnuts said:
    I don't think I have ever heard any of those.
    people can just play them during a game?

    Yep, during a game, people can use "special voice lines". In the chat, it will say something like "special voice line 3", but the audio you hear is the actual taunt.

  • frostyvampirefrostyvampire Posts: 1,187

    "They claimed it was a croissant, I was forced to kill them!" - Aimee (taunt 5)
    "Oh btch btch b*tch" - Aura (taunt 5)
    Sparks's taunt 3. I have no idea what she says but it's just fun to spam it
    "Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" - Kira (aww yeah)

    There's more that I like but I'm just too lazy to remember them all

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    Skyhammer: "Yeeeeeeeeeeeees!" v5,1 <3 all the time <3

    "... I'll kill you, and you, and you, aaaand... you!" v7,4
    ".. Better luck next time dead person"
    "... You are not as stupid as you look, but then, who could be" v7,9,4
    "... Your skills are truly amazing, whatever they are, assuming they are good for something" v,7,3
    "... Its a shame, ¿? shame, buu huu" v7,3

    I miss her execution mode line:

    "... I'm a cute ittle-wittle girl like Heidi, with a grenade launcher, it's mainly decorative, ignore it"

    "... I'll boil your head and serve it with mashed potatoes" v,7,9,5
    "... It does not go like a rocket because I already have rockets that go like a rocket because that is what they are" v7,9,1
    "... You, I wont even aim at your feet"

    and those you can only invoke by her actions (knifing, getting a rocket kill..):

    Knife killing spree
    "... Vertical axes, horizontal axes, die, I chop you" or something like that
    "... I axed you a question"

    Rocket kills or launching a rocket
    "... Ha-do-ken" (street fighter reference)
    "... This was harder on Wolefnstein: ET, I'm sure"
    "... Fireworks, because fire works"
    "... Noob tubio"
    "... PanzerFokYou"
    "... Noobtube?, Pro pipe!"

    Finishing moves
    "... You'll go to Valhalla"
    "... You make a good corpse"

    "... Aaah, go fok yourself" v7,9,3
    "... Sooo owned" v7,4



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    @Diosito said:

    "... I'm a cute ittle-wittle girl like Heidi, with a grenade launcher, it's mainly decorative, ignore it"

    Yeah...was a really good one...my friend really misses it and execution in general.

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