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Name: Usagi (Rabbit)
Class: Recon
Nationality: Japanese
HP: 110
Speed: 450
Height: 1.76
No description at all and no history about it.

Skill 1: Tele transport device (Sorry I have idea for a creative name for this ability)
Usagi uses a special arrow that has at the end of the arrow is a device, when launched the arrow until a certain distance, it is tele transports. And an important factor as she teleported is that her outfit is plugged into the device and that would make it easier to understand.
Thrown Arrow Limit: 3
Cooling time: 10 Sec
Skill 2: Bow
Possibility to use the Arc, and shoot 3 arrows consecutively (there is an example of the Arc that it uses for you to have an idea, and this is just an example).
The maximum of the arrow: 15
Cooling: 5 sec. Each

Main Weapon: KEK-10, Hochfir SMG and Crotzni
Secondary weapon: Selbstadt .40, Caulden and MP-400
Melee: Katana, Beckhill Combat Knife and Cricket Bat

is the bow Usagi uses.

Codiname: SOFD or SOD / Shadow of Death
Class: Recon / Super-Human
Nationality: ????
HP: 120
Speed: 450
Height: 1.97
Historic Unknown.
Skill 1: Sonic Speed
The speed of the SOFD increases by 50+ or 80+ speed, this being able to run faster giving some advantages (example: Leap higher, to give chance to escape from a difficult situation and escape the sight of the DB's PRO snipers) is I know seems not to be great, but already an advantage for those who are already playing much longer.
Skill 2: Double Katanas
He uses the two Katana causing double damage: the common attack, when it differs an attack with the two Katanas forms an X, the second time it attacks by joining the two katanas and differing a cut in the middle
I will do a Sketch of this to have a better understanding.

Main Weapon: Hochfir SMG, KEK-10 and AK-47
Secondary weapon: Double DE .50, Smjüth & Whetsman and Simeon .357
Melee: Katana, Beckhill Combat Knife and Cricket Bat

SOFD outline

This is my last post that I will do, and I will not post anything else, but I will keep the other posters that I posted and keep updating.

If you have any doubts leave in the comments

                  Goodbye is a Till.:p

Plus if you saw this post by the end, I wanted to add some ideas to the DB game to slightly improve the game.
1- A Training Mode where beginner players can play an offline game, playing with the game's bots and being able to choose the map, the difficulty of the game, and this would greatly help beginning players with an idea of how to play barely knows how to use the merc too, and this training mode would help a lot of newbies in the game. And speaking a truth the Attack Course does not teach cause anything to the novice player.
2- When the merc is killed in combat getting agonized on the ground waiting for an angel to fall from the sky to help him, it would be cool if you can use the secondary weapon to continue firing and an example of this E Left 4 Dead, so I never heard of research.
3- Add new modes in the game for example Domination, conquest of Terminal and deathmatch. Pls go back to running mode.
4- Improve guns by modifying the sight of the gun barrel etc.

And if anyone in the forum thinks this idea is good, share those ideas, that would help a lot. And you do not need to tape that gave an idea, for min this would be of great help. And I would be grateful for that.

                                                                          Bye bye:p
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