Loadout Card Stats while Searching for match.

[b]Type of Bug:[/b] Most definitely "just" a visual quirk.
[b]Description:[/b] The left hand side of a loadout card's detail view (where there's all the bar graphs for damage of your weapon and whatnot) became semitransparently superimposed over the lobby when the matchmaking found a match. Luckily the "Close" button was still visible, functional, and solved the issue.
[b]Video / Screenshot:[/b] Video (4.6MB) here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/od3bty4xv48mnjn/bug.mp4
[b]Steps to reproduce:[/b] no idea honestly.
1. Queue for a match
2. Open a loadout card
3. Wait for a match to be found
4. ???
[b]Result:[/b] There is a weird something over your lobby screen.
[b]Expected result:[/b] There is NOT a weird something over your lobby screen.
[b]Reproduction rate:[/b] Have not tried yet. Happened once in 120 hours?

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