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Favorite Medic to Play?

MuddyGrenadeMuddyGrenade Posts: 440
edited February 18 in Mercenary Discussion

This isn't really a question of which is the best medic, but which is your personal to favorite to play? Your's doesn't have to be ranked, but mine will be.
5. Sawbonez- Sawbonez is just boring to me. Throwing around health packs may the best thing for your team, sometimes, but I dunno. He's just too... "unfulfilling". I mean, I've had fun playing as him, don't get me wrong, but just not as much as fun as the other medics.
4. Sparks- I'd probably find Sparks more fun to play if I had good aim. I usually find more enjoyment running around melee-only, rather than popping heads. When I do land those headshot, though... FeelsNutWorthyMan...
3. Aura- I've never really been a fan of static deployable type of gameplay, at least when on attack, so Aura used to be that medic I would really only put in my squad in the chance that I would have to play her on Chapel or Underground defense. Now, I still kind of do the same, but she's more of a merc I play when I'm actually in the mood to play her (or if I have a mission for her, obviously). Running around with a shotgun and turning people into Swiss cheese, will always be fun though.
2. Guardian- Despite being the worst medic, and still pretty new so changes are sure to be coming, I have way too much fun playing her. And that's because she encapsulates the feeling of Dirty Bomb for me perfectly. Always multitasking, always at the disadvantage of not being able to heal, always running around trying to keep everyone alive without being able to heal them, getting those clutch multi-revives, just hits me right in my dopamine. Best of all, her static defense can still be very good on attack, since it can be useful in multiple situations.
1. Phoenix- The Undying Spaniard himself, Phoenix is my favorite Medic to play. He combines everything I like about Aura, Sparks, and Sawbonez while removing what I don't like about them. Aura has AoE healing (if you knew my main in Overwatch, you'd know I really like AoE healing), but is a static defender. Sparks has instaheals, but heals very little and only heals one at a time. Sawbonez has awesome weapons, but single heals that can be stopped with damage is just straight not fun. Phoenix has all of those positives, but no negatives. He's a jack of all trades, master of none, and nothing pisses of an enemy more than nearly winning a team fight and then a fruit-obsessed Spaniard suddenly healing everyone and winning a team fight. Getting defibrillator kills are always fun, and reviving a teammate under enemy fire is just as fun. He may not be the only one who can do that, but he's pretty damn good at it. Oh and self-reviving during an intense fight hits me right in my dopamine too.

And that's that! Let me know your list!


  • No idea where to put Guardian, she's more like anti projectile merc with power glove to me, rather than medic. She's in the weird spot.

    Aura's my least favorite, due to primaries and stationary ability. I don't dislike her, just my least favorite compared to other meds.

    Sawbonez is solid, nuff said.

    Sparks is interesting to play. Nice to feel like a Gunslinger from Lawbreakers.

    Phoenix definitely my pick, since he's a selfish Wolverine.

    Dirty Bomb = Lawbreakers 2.0 Electric Boogaloo

  • Lord_CoctusLord_Coctus Posts: 2,347
    1. Sparps
    2. Guardian
    3. Pheonix
    4. Aura
    5. Sawbones


  • SytrySytry Posts: 79

    Sparks: good medic but depend on the loadout card you are using because after nerfing the healing packs are not strong enough to heal team. I need to give two med packs to get one teammate full hp in combat.

    Aura: good medic and easy to get fast xp, finish mission and helping teammate to stop enemy movement in defence or holding c4 points for me.

    Guardian: the worst medic to play consider without healing ability you need another teammate with medic to heal. I play only if I have a second medic to teamup.

    Phoenix: not my favourite because low healing ability and revive easy is only players who has a lot of experience on it not for starting players.

    Sawbones: fun medic against noobs and less fun against a high lvl op team.

  • blufflordblufflord Posts: 595

    Sawdaddy is number one for me
    Fairest merc to play with and fairest merc to play against.
    Also crotzni

    1. Phoenix | Sawbonez - They pretty much are a tie, for me, because it really depends on the situation. If there are lots of explosive users in the game, or competent players on my team, Sawbonez works wonders; in contrast Phoenix works for me regardless of team competency as a medic, even if I'm the only medic on the team, but doesn't handle explosive spam as well.

    2. Aura - Situational choice for me, and strongest defensive Medic choice by far; depends heavily on players actually using the station to be efficient and works best with certain merc combinations to truly outshine other options.

    3. Guardian - If there is a competent medic on the team I won't have problems as Guardian (I have had to solo-med on her in FF on Servers; it is possible but painful to put up with) and can actually be successful in her actual role as a Secondary-DPS/Utility Merc with a Revival gimmick.

    4. Sparks - Something I am still working to improve at, so placement is subject to change; but she will likely remain as a situational choice, for me, due to the slight triggering and PTSD I get from people who dodge all my med packs and then cry for healing whenever I play her.

  • azz_abdrazz_abdr Posts: 119
    1. Aura & Sparks, depends on mood. But if no one use Aura on team, I will.
    2. Phoenix, uninterupted 100 hp healing pulse? Why not?
    3. sometimes Guardian on EV map
    4. I don't like Sawbonez
  • GatoCommodoreGatoCommodore Posts: 4,388

    In These Trying Times? (Nader Rotation)

    Guardian and Sawbonez

    Hammock - Oh the Bliss (Reinterpretation) | Far Cry 5
  • FalC_16FalC_16 Posts: 933

    Sawbones with crotzni is the best all round medic.

    Aura still best for defense.

    Both of the above is for try hard gameplay tho

  • EoxEox FrancePosts: 3,206Moderator
  • nokiIInokiII Posts: 580

    Sawbonez > Aura > Phoenix = Sparks > Guardian.

    nerf snippers.
  • @Eox said:
    Moving to Merc Discussions.

    Also, Sawbonez.

    Gee I woulda never guessed with what your previous forum avatar was... xD

    Just messing with ya @Eox <3

  • kopyrightkopyright Posts: 600

    Aura/Phoenix > Guardian > Sparks > Sawbonez

    Pretty much agree with all the points @MuddyGrenade made. I switch between Aura and Phoenix every now and then as they both have their upsides and downsides depending on the map they are played on, but either is a solid choice most of the time.

    I only recently played some Guardian to get her first Steam achievement, but she was surprisingly more fun than I imagined. She might not be the best medic on her own, but apart from her revive ability a well placed skyshield can protect Aura's healing station on open maps.

    For Sparks my aim isn't good enough, and Sawbonez is just all around boring.

  • GuziolGuziol Posts: 363

    I don't count guardian and i like to play her a lot. Sawbones has to by my #1 by far and no other medic comes close. Everyone else is on equal footing other than sparks. Sparks can die in a ditch.

  • 1 - Sawbonez
    2 - Phoenix
    3 - Aura/Sparks. No preference, depends on map
    5. Guardian

  • Guardian is a really weird medic for me. Since she's the only medic that can't heal people I often feel like I'm not contributing to the team too much by playing her, unless it's a match against a lot of naders, fraggers, stokers, skyhammers etc.

  • Phoenix is my medic of choice.

    1. when you've learned Phoenix it is very hard to play the other medics.
    2. why heal one when you can heal in a radius?
    3. He is hilarious.
    4. he is more of a combat medic than sawbones. sawbones: durable, good weapons, healing isn't good in combat. Phoenix has slightly less damaging weapons, and has 10 less hp, but good god is his AoE Healing good.
  • SplicerrrSplicerrr Posts: 179
    edited February 24

    I like the guy who, kills enemies, heals himself, revives himself, and does it himself....

    I'm talking about @TheStrangerous

    R.I.P Phoenix Sig and Pic

  • Da_MummyDa_Mummy Posts: 235

    Phoenix 95,99% how can you not love him. Mass healing on command and the extra speed and sometimes the self revive are really handy tools.
    Sparks 3% She's sooo cute. That's it her and Nader are just Waifu (and the fact thatshe can do my favourite thing in this game from long range)
    Aura 1% only if necessary or a mission with her pops up otherwise meh
    Sawbonez 0,01% he's just boring. Not to say he's bad which he certainly isn't but most people just use him religiously like the Ambi in TF2 but suck with him mostly.
    Guardian 0% if I want a protective shield I use turtle, if I want long range revive I use Sparx and if I want AR I got the whole set of Firesupports so...

  • Guardian stacking is a very fun thing to do with friends, less fun for the enemies or your team who would prefer a healer.

    I play whoever the mission tells me to play, otherwise I'm a terrible medic so I play assault/fire support.

  • HadronZodiacHadronZodiac Posts: 336

    Phoenix is usually a go to, as all the other mercs have downsides, phoenix is a rather all-around medic. Aura is a stationary medic, meaning you need to take down a station from somewhere else or escort someone injured to heal someone. Sawbonez is more of a "heavy" medic, dropping slow cooldown but heal supa quick to max packs (if you can land em XD). Sparks is more of a reviver than anything else. Guardian is more defense. Phoenix can output not bad hp, not bad combat capabilities, and a nice lil self-revive system which is useful for flanking (if enemy is dumb or occupied), or getting back up from a snipe.

  • -H4shR--H4shR- Posts: 4

    Has anyone realized that, when you REVIVE with Guardian, the revives DO NOT count towards your “Profile Overview” Page. Like they do not count as revives in total...

    Anyone know why this is? Orrrrrr possibly is splash damage aware of this? Thanks. ;)

  • SorotiaSorotia Posts: 1,538
    edited March 29

    1: Guardian...despite how weak she kinda is I still enjoy playing her and I love the Hurtsall.
    2: Sparks...still my favorite medic than can actually heal.
    3: to play when I'm in the mood and who hates a self rez?
    4: enjoy playing him but sometimes the 3 packs feel like a bummer.
    5: Aura...the only medic I don't particularly enjoy much...I don't find the bunny hopping shotgun play very fun and her station can be a real crutch.

  • SzakalotSzakalot Posts: 3,251

    nice thread:

    1. Phoenix : the ultimate pubstomper. If I feel like not having to rely on teammates, while still being an addition to the team, Phoenix is an excellent pick. Potent packs and you can heal very quickly. Kiting people with poke and heal is just too satisfying. Imo the merc with the least ‚downtime’ in the entire game.

    2. Aura/Sawbonez: really nice to feel like your keeping the entire team alive. Either with a station at a key location, or going the rounds and topping everyone up incredibly quickly with HPacks. Plus, throwing a ‚skillshot’ pack at a critical moment from a long distance feels very ‚juicy’ : D

    3. Guardian: trolling the other team’s spam feels to good. Getting that Javelin rocket in time and knowing she wont have another any time soon is the s**t
    4. Sparks: its hard to push with her, more about that poke and run away. Good players will gib mostteammates before you can finish revive. Still fun once in a while

  • Rokon2Rokon2 Posts: 118

    Phoenix. I cannot rely on my team to any capacity, so I prefer a self-sustaining Medic that can revive himself.

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