DB Toxicity Survey results.



  • HadronZodiacHadronZodiac Posts: 316

    Phantom - OP @$!# (nerf got delayed even though it's not that hard to drop a couple stats)
    Rhino - Rapidfire FEL-IX Vasilli
    Javelin - Shittier Fragger
    Fragger - @$!# Nader
    Shar-c - Inaccurate tooth-pick launcher
    Hunter - Immediately dies the second someone gets within 5m of him
    Hunter - They def reduced arrow speed without telling us
    MatchMaking - @$!#
    Ranked MatchMaking - Utter @$!#
    Bugs - More than a @$!# infested restaurant
    Proxy - Insta-death circle dropper
    Aimee - Hitbox smaller than a @$!# electron
    Community - The dead sea, but saltier
    Balance - Worse than milk and grape juice
    Javelin Rocket - "explosive" toothpick with a hitbox bigger than the @$!# map
    Rhemburg - Accurate Hadron-Collider
    Hollunds - Inaccurate toothpick unloader
    K-121 - Inaccurate pebble spitter
    AuraStation - More like aura citadel

    I would put hit detection but it doesn't exist :/

    Far away minigun > shar-c clip to the head ig

    Tomahawk - hitbox smaller than a pixel
    Ulus - hitbox smaller than a @$!# electron
    Katana - Hadron-Collider on a stick (that still leaves movement speed at 97.5, because the most powerful weapon should leave as much speed as a kukri, definitely)

    Ranked - Let the merc-stacking begin! :D
    Ranked - Let the out of nowhere ff penalties begin! :D
    Ranked - Let the dumbass teammates who move into your ability stream and get punished for their stupidity begin! :D
    Every Game - Let the weapon stat dps lies begin! :D

    Probably the reason why people are toxic ^

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    Okay, it's beens a good while since this thread is up. I'm removing it from the announcements now.

  • HadronZodiacHadronZodiac Posts: 316
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    May I ask a list of the forum mods/admins?

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    Aside from me, Kirays is pretty much the only active moderator at the moment.

    If you want to contact an administrator, I'd more advise you to use the following link instead. https://support.dirtybomb.com/hc/en-us

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