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Sparks is medic or sniper?

pls tell me why i see sparks play as sniper than medic


  • GuziolGuziol Posts: 363

    She is a different subcategory altogether. It's called "cancer".

  • GatoCommodoreGatoCommodore Posts: 4,388

    @sangrexlol98 said:
    pls tell me why i see sparks play as sniper than medic

    imo shes not that great as a sniper because the recent damage nerf to her revivr rifle.

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  • Lord_CoctusLord_Coctus Posts: 2,347

    She's also safer at longer range since her primaries got nerfed and her self heal was reduced.
    A fully charged revivr shot can 1-shot any merc with less than 120 hp if it's a headshot.


  • Both.

    Just look at Hunter. He too doesn't have technically primary, but a sub machine gun.

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    but , her revive rifle throws a laser beam which can kill enemy , laser travels in a straight pathway , its concept of physics , cannot be denied

    but only pro players can kill with revive gun ,

    whenever i try to kill enemy with revive gun i get killed ,

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