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Stoker molotov: Little or no flame when thrown straight down


  • Stoker molotov: Little or no flame when thrown straight down


  • Defect, gameplay, regression, undocumented


  • Low
    • Regression



  • When looking straight down and throwing a Stoker molotov, sometimes only a few small flame sprites appear, and sometimes there is no flame at all.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Stand still
  • Look straight down and throw a Stoker molotov
    • Alternatively, for comparison, look upwards very slightly

Expected results:

  • Glass breaks, napalm falls,
  • (optional) Around two-thirds of second later,
  • Pool of flame from the center, outwards

Actual results:

  • Glass breaks, napalm falls,

    • Maybe up to 3 flame sprites on the floor, approximately one meter
  • or,

  • Glass breaks, napalm falls,
    • ...nothing happens. No fire appears at all

Reproduction rate:

  • Can't put a number on any of these. They're likely wrong:

    • More than 8/10? for a given attempt
      • 2/3 Few flames
      • 1/3 No flame at all
  • Once you've done this, you should be able to stand in exactly the same spot and throw molotovs at your feet repeatedly, and get identical results each time


  • ?

Video, screenshots:

  • None, sorry
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