for new mecr i would LOOOOOVE to see a tank merc ... big SWAT dude from EOD squad with RIOT SHIELD with ability to bash enemy with that shield and use Sidearm with it


  • Mr-PenguinMr-Penguin Posts: 2,250

    Stats and figures, please.

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  • arharr3arharr3 Posts: 73

    Fat. slow dude with only a sidearm while being invulnerable from the front?
    Yeah, sure, have fun with being killed everytime by every other merc that isnt rhino because you dont have the damage or the mobility to keep them away.
    The idea of a personal shield is a joke in DB, the game is too fast paced for an ability like that.
    Probably better if you go back to playing R6:S if you want shields.

  • Da_MummyDa_Mummy Posts: 235

    Sure why not add a Swat Character to the game.
    It's a really good idea and he should be followed by members of GSG9 and GIGN wall jumping should be removed and they should ad hostage rescue to the game mode selection.
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  • SplicerrrSplicerrr Posts: 179

    Riot shield would be useless as
    @arharr3 said. Explosives would also take him out immediately, the sidearm probably wouldn't do anything unless it's a Deagle.

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