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[Merc] Arclight

evo888evo888 Posts: 12

Class- Recon
HP- 110
Speed- 430

Arclight has Navajo blood, her records can attest to that, she was smack-dab in the middle of London when the dirty bomb attacks went off, due to Jackal's violence she couldn't escape the city, so she needed a source of protection, and it turned out that those athletic courses were going to be a lot more valuable than she had ever expected.

Cooldown- two charges, regain one every 7 seconds
Duration- N/A
Arclight dashes a short distance in whatever direction she is currently moving, reduces her hit box during the dash as well.

Cooldown- 3 seconds
Duration- N/A
Context action, focusing your cross hair on a target spots them for 5 seconds, revealing them to your team, works exactly like redeyes spot mechanic, although always active and doesn't work through smoke or Phantom's cloak.

Primary- H45 (modelled after P90, very rapid fire SMG with a large capacity, low accuracy with massive bloom), Blishlock, KEK-10
Secondary- Selbstadt .40, DE .50, Hoigat .224
Melee- Hammer (45 fast attack damage, 60 heavy attack damage, double damage on headshots), Cricket Bat, Stun Batons

-upon spotting an enemy
"Eyes to the skies, fire support inbound" (triggers on fire supports)
"Shoot that medic!" (triggers on medics)
"Heavy spotted, proceed with caution" (triggers on assaults)
"Enemy sapper, keep an eye out for traps" (triggers on engineers)
"Keep your eyes peeled, we've got scouts" (triggers on recons)
-upon being revived
"You're a lifesaver, chortles see what I did there?"
-upon getting a melee kill
"Ouch, that's not pretty"
-upon killing three enemies
"Siri, call my therapist please"

Made with @Mr-Penguin 's Mercenary Suggestion Form


  • Da_MummyDa_Mummy Posts: 235

    So pretty much an even worse version of redeye and Kira mixed in a blender with an SMG thrown in. And what is the dash supposed to be this isn't overwatch where ever character has some sort movement enhancement. The abilities don't have any kind of synergy at all.
    And the P90 ripoff is just going to be infuriating to play against and just a crutch for people that can't aim.
    Sorry but such Nope

  • evo888evo888 Posts: 12

    the concept was meant to be a frontline recon capable of using her dash to escape, please give me suggestions to improve the idea

  • arharr3arharr3 Posts: 74

    Spotting via line of sight is redeyes trait. You cant beat him at that in any way.

    Movement abilitys are also a no no. The only mercs that are currently able to affect their movement with abilitys are fragger, nader and fletcher. And all of these ways will deal damage to yourself and isnt easy to do.

    Technically the role of that recon can be described as phantom with speed instead of camouflage and a weaker version of redeyes IR goggles.

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