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hey dirty bomb comunity nice to meet you! its my first time writing a forum??? i should say??? i just wanted to know if i can get my money back that i spent on dirty bomb. the reason is that i spent my money on this game to enjoy more of it to enjoy lots of charecter, so i bought a pack that had the most character included in the pack last year, but soon when 2018 started you guys put out a pack that includes all the characters ingame and the character that are coming our in the futre. i am really depressed that you guys put out a pack like this so late!! i didnt want to waste my money on a similar pack but in this situation i have nothing to talk about is and the pack that i bought was more expensive... whaaa??? it doesnt make seonce to me. its really annoying that the pack get cheaper but the quality of it going up. so yeah I WOULD LIKE MY MONEY BACK THANK YOU


  • KoenqrKoenqr Posts: 4

    use steam refund
    and u @$!# up by not reading the damm terms

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