Hold your breath with the new merc ideas.

Okay so first of all if you are new to this forum you might want to enter the world of our community and I can understand that the section for new merc suggestions sounds really interesting to you.
But please for the love of RNGesus don't open a new discussion without any kind of concept and expect your merc to pop into the game like magic.
The "Merc and Skin suggestion" part of DB is by far one of my favourites in this forum and some of those concepts are interesting, funny or even debatable to add to the game. But recently I noticed a lot of new people that just entered these holy halls are just writing random wishes for a merc just because they felt it would be cool to have a character like that.
Now I'm not saying that nobody should make concepts for interesting new Mercs anymore but please if you want it to be an actual topic and even increase your chance of getting somebody interested in your idea: Sit down and actually think about what you want, an ability and how to balance it in game.
Oh and if you want to write a backstory: keep it short. Remember the merc you create doesn't fight with his tragic backstory he does it with cold hard lead.


  • evo888evo888 Posts: 10

    my paranoia is kicking in, please tell me straight: does my suggestion fall under this category?


  • Da_MummyDa_Mummy Posts: 194

    If you want to know if your Character is well thought out compare it to @Mr-Penguin Guide that got pinned for markdown.
    The closer you get the easier it is for people to understand the idea.
    BUT in my less important opinion it was okay. Maybe not something I haven't seen before but with a fresh touch.

  • Mr-PenguinMr-Penguin Posts: 2,249

    Oh yeah, that guide. It's not hard and fast by any means, but I purposely kept it to gameplay elements only as to not clutter the suggestion with cosmetic and backstory ideas. Those two are useless if the ability and character aren't balanced at all.

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  • Da_MummyDa_Mummy Posts: 194

    Since this post is getting ignored anyway.
    Well at least the new ideas are better thought out.

  • i totally agree a lot of new users just post some random ideas, what i say is first take a look at other merc ideas by other users and see how they've constructed it and make an idea based on that. This also prevents new users from drawing up similar ideas, common ideas which have been similar such as drones and emp based abilities. also for all the newcomers we need specifics like speed, health. primary, secondary and melee weapons. also the abilities, what they do and their cooldowns.

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