The Lead And Iron Update – January 22nd

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I wanted to post the patch notes a little earlier to give everyone a chance to digest them before the update on Monday.

Let us know what you think!



  • jooshoyesjooshoyes Posts: 343

    I do really like the changes here, making it easier to get fragments and also like the X10 crafting parts from the arsenal crate. Good job on that one.

    Aimpunch changes better, could be improved, but a step in the right direction.

    Fragger change understandable, making him less potent at 1v1s for a stronger ability, and making thunder more potent at 1v1s for a weaker ability (consistency wise). A good differentiation. Jav and guardian changes are very good, making jav less cheese but more consistent. Now it will be almost impossible to lose to a jav charging rocket mid fight.

    Turtle changes nice, sparks good to stop tankiness and make her less 1 man army, and more healer.

    Sniper changes I am indifferent bar the grandeur change which was very welcome.

    All other weapon changes were good.

    Map fixes nice addition. Thanks guys.

  • frostyvampirefrostyvampire Posts: 1,187

    I'll just post my feedback on some things (even though people seem to disagree with me most of the time : 3 ):

    Snipers: Finally the FEL-IX got the buff it needed after the nerfs. But I don't think MoA needed a clip size decrease.

    Fragger: Idk how I feel about Fragger with 130hp.

    Aura: Yay for the Aura health station hp nerf. Finally you can destroy it with a single right click melee attack. But I think MoA should also be able to 1 shot it.

    Guardian: Less cooldown for Guardian revive is good I guess. Even though I don't play her much.

    Javelin: Why not just make her work like Arty and Kira where taking damage will reset the charge-up time, instead of making it longer every update

    Proxy: Nerfing the damage won't prevent you from being able to shoot the mine instantly after throwing it. And the new blast radius will make Lock On on her even more OP. Lock On should just be removed from her mines (or lowered to something like 10%).
    You could've just kept the damage at 180 but made it so mines dealt 50% less damage before they fully prime, making it only 1 shot squishies if you don't let it prime first.

    Sparks, Turtle and Thunder: Seems like a good change to all of them, I don't have anything else to add.

    But was the FEL-IX weapon switch glitch fixed? (the glitch where you can't weapon switch or reload for about half a second after firing with it). I didn't find it in the patch notes but it's really gamebreaking. If it were fixed, then I can safely play Aimee again, yay.

  • Read the menu , proof is in the eating , will reserve my comments for now. Tho is it me or is there no Bushwhacker Obsidian ?


    Proxy: Nerfing the damage won't prevent you from being able to shoot the mine instantly >after throwing it. And the new blast radius will make Lock On on her even more OP. Lock >On should just be removed from her mines (or lowered to something like 10%).
    You could've just kept the damage at 180 but made it so mines dealt 50% less damage >before they fully prime, making it only 1 shot squishies if you don't let it prime first.

    this could work

  • Smile.jpgSmile.jpg Posts: 39

    I wish people couldn't be revived for 1+ second after being downed and had no shields. I wish Fragger wasn't nerfed when Nader was already taking his place with no balance changes. I wish horizontal spread was not a thing for semi-automatic weapons. I wish iron sights to be comfortable on all weapons. I wish aim punch to be gone.

  • So about the fragment cases...

    Can we please just get trade ups back? We've been waiting for so long. I have so many useless loadout cards that I've been saving for the past year. I just want to get rid of them now. And even if y'all want to keep this fragment system you still need to tweak the cost it takes for gold and more importantly cobalt cards to be crafted. It's ridiculous how expensive it is to craft them

    Other than that I really like the changes being made. Keep up the good work

  • 130 hp fragger? thats not good and increase frag grenades damage if you do that!! please don`t ruin fragger!!!!!! and shotguns are overpowered!!!

  • AbyssalAbyssal Posts: 2

    Thunder seems unfair to fight against, i would really like it if you make his "Concussion Granade" Last a little bit less or lower his health a bit by like 10-20

  • NexDroidNexDroid Posts: 78
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    Oh my... So Sparks is a meme now? Her main weapons are even weaker than ever before and self heal was also nerfed. But hey whatever, no one plays her in pubs anyway. I like Dreiss changes finally my Jav special loadout would be usefull again. Proxy's changes aren't what I exactly wanted, adding a short charge time after being tripped would be much better. Right now mine can still IK and you can't do ANYTHING about it - can't run/jump/ and in most of cases not even hide away. Mine should work against slow response players so they will be killed in explosion but by increasing of player skill you could eventually survive. About Fragger, well I don't mind he is still less annoying than Thunder and Rhino. Shotgun's range nerf was so much needed.

    BTW Hunter's main is gonna be machine pistol am I right? So why the hell you nerf it already?
    Only mercs who are gonna be nerfhammered by this change are sparks and hunter.

    Ok end of the unpopular opinion post.

    Yet I still love loadouts changes I really really dislike the merc pack that is really unfair against all veteran players who already has all mercs.

    Oh and I almost forgot. Why another nerf for Javelin? Just make rocket luncher usable only when standing still and make charge time for 30 or even more seconds -.-. Everytime I die because of rocket it feels same like dieing because of fraggers nade or naders spam. Nothing that bad so it should be nerfed to the ground. What really grind my gears are that dumb proxy mines.

  • NucleenixNucleenix Posts: 7
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    well, i found the empire-9 accuracy decrease unneccecary. with the high firerate and low damage i need every bullet and don't want even worse rng with also 5 less bullets.
    (i looked over it again and noticed that only the maximum spread got changed, so i feel like it's fine but i need to actualy try it out)

    the mp400 definetly was a lot stonger than the other options so i found those changes neccecary.

    also, sparks is affected most by the changes made in the update, as she can only wield mps as her actual primary.
    although i can see it making people getting better with the revive rifle, for other players this is kind of a massive downside.
    (and the medpack change hopefuly makes the sparks on my team less.. stingy with her medpacks XD)

    i like the grandieur damage buff, i've had a lot of situations where the enemy had the slightest bit of hp left and mostly got away.

    for the simeon, it definetly felt like it needed those changes.

    my overall opinion on the balance changes: they should be looked more into, but otherwise i feel like most of the changes were neccecary and i actualy need to test them in-game to make a final conclusion.

  • OutblastOutblast Posts: 46

    Happy with the update. Thank God for the Dreiss AR buff, it was getting hard playing Arty.

  • Although I am happy with most of the update, there are some things I want to adress:

    • Fragement cases, you are being serious now right?
    • The all merc/obsidian all merc pack is just an uppercut to veterans of the game and people who bought obsidians before. Feels like a simple cash grab aimed at people who don't want to grind but want everything and is again an uppercut to veterans
    • Guardian needed a buff and although I love Guardian a lot, I am not sure if it is the correct course of action. Need to feel for myself once the update hits.
    • Javelin can still BS at close range for dem easy kills, how about implementing a minimum distance before its warhead can detonate?
    • Sparks got nerfed, well.... Did she really need it?
    • Thunder got buffed, technically speaking. 5 units of speed isn't something that you will notice.
    • No grandeur buff? I am sad now.....
  • ThePigVomitThePigVomit Posts: 350

    So you tease me into buying not one but TWO overpriced obsidian fraggers.....


    Y'all can just fugg right the hex off!

  • ThePigVomitThePigVomit Posts: 350
    edited January 18 other thing....what the shitebisquit is the deal with putting A SINGLE DROPCASE in the new Arsenal about a dick-punch....that's about as bad a move as the old 1 hr credit booster...

    Smarten up boyos!

  • GatoCommodoreGatoCommodore Posts: 4,326

    Shotgun Buff Again

    do we really need it?
    also who the hell ask to nerf MPs?

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  • teflonloveteflonlove Posts: 611

    @ThePigVomit said: other thing....what the shitebisquit is the deal with putting A SINGLE DROPCASE in the new Arsenal Crate

    It's a new "loadout case" which contains a bronze, silver or gold loadout. It seems to be similar to the current expert case, which can be contained in an arsenal crate.

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  • Mc1412013Mc1412013 Posts: 2,290

    Last time i opened any arenal crates was to find a credit booster for the 50% weekend

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  • teflonloveteflonlove Posts: 611

    Concerning the Aura changes: I can understand that for new players a well placed Aura's health station can seem frustrating to fight against. However I don't think the solution is to keep nerfing the health station's HP (with this update) or the healing rate (with the previous update).

    I regularly see people fighting enemies that keep regenerating from a nearby health station instead of taking down the health station first.

    I think the game should do a better job at explaining that a health station is a high priority target that should be taken out quickly. Nades, molotovs, air strikes and lasers are all fine tools to do that from a distance.

    Maybe you can eventually add a tutorial where health stations are protected behind crates etc have to be destroyed by throwing nades etc from a fixed spot?

    Forget the cobalt Kawaii stick, better listen to some Kawaii rock.

  • zykerothzykeroth Posts: 31

    @Santos1337 said:

    In this update I would like to say:

    I don't know why you are nerfing Fragger again, as he is my favorite and the best merc in my opinion, 130hp doesn't make sense to a "point men", you are better off with nader anytime and everytime (crotzni and 6 nades lol). Making him faster isn't viable since you are still a big target, same goes for the scrub merc thunder.

    Let's all forget our main player base are people who don't have notion of what game they are playing, or that the point of the game is to put the crosshair in the head of the guy who is shooting at you, for a minute. Get real.
    From my experience, the whole point of choosing Fragger is to have an advantage over anyone who's on the receiving end, if you have 130hp you won't be able to turn corners and frag people in the face or face two enemies at the time. You want to get stuff done? Fragger.

    Fragger isn't invincible, just like any other merc you must play smart. Take Javelin, you don't even need to make even half the effort (LOL)

    It's just like the rhino nerf some time ago (poor snipers too), first you removed the headshot multiplier and make rhino useless against anyone with decent aim, couple of weeks later, he got buffed again.

    Hello there sir, bear with me as I disagree with you.

    The entire point of the changes is that the ones you mention were too strong and overpicked. You say that Fragger is the best (and perhaps therefore your favourite) merc. They don't want something like that. i'm not saying that everyone must be viable at all situations. Fragger is simply too good and has to get in line with the other Assault mercs, who all specialize in killing, not just Fragger.

    Same story with the snipers. You could delete almost every single enemy with a single shot the moment you saw them, without absolutely any way for them to get close and fight back. So they got nerfed.

  • I am loving the updates coming to dirty bomb, just cause I always love changes that keep things feeling new and challenging. I do however want to help understand the mindset of players as I've spent what time I could watching how new people experience this game.

    When players approach dirty bomb their playstyle is influenced a lot by their gaming history and the path of least resistance. Skyhammer & Aura will forever be the most popular mercs until you switch to a 5-merc rotation. Fragger is the character that comes to mind when a player thinks about an fps assault archetype. I completely believe that Sawbonez would be the most popular medic if Aura wasn't free. It's the same reason Vassili is the de facto sniper of choice. Players love mines, and being speed demons while flinging these slices of death at people is just a bonus. Javelin could be as intricate as possible but bunny hopping around a corner and insta-exploding 3 people will be the default playstyle. If the plan was to add a fun projectile into the game, mission accomplished. I came into the game thinking I was going to get to toss my turret around and have 360 coverage, but all I got was awkward locations to place my turret down slowly. I can't even deploy my turret if I'm not standing still on firm ground.

    When it comes to merc balancing, it's not the merc, the problem will forever be the quantity of clones. 2 of any merc negates any balance.

    I was also curious about why there is no Veteran deal for the all merc pack the the veterans of this game have always wanted. There is no in-game recognition of loyal customers buying the same mercs over and over with real money.

  • GuziolGuziol Posts: 363

    Not too happy about mp400 and shotgun nerfs but everything else is great. Still hoping that grandeur will get better sights some day.

  • Lord_CoctusLord_Coctus Posts: 2,303

    Pretty much what others said, Machine Pistol nerfs feel unneeded while other changes were nice.


  • Is the 5 pack of obsidian cards seriously only buyable WITH the mercs? Wouldn't most people who would want the obsidian cards ALREADY HAVE THEM? I already have almost all mercs and have no reason to buy a merc pack, I'm basically only missing mercs I don't really want. I've been waiting so long for a chance to get these obsidian cards and I will be extremely disappointed if the only way is for me to spend extra money on mercs I already have. Please, please, please, please, please release the obsidian pack without the mercs. For the love of all that is dirty, please. It is a big kick in the teeth to veteran players to only have it available in a pack with mercs.

  • azz_abdrazz_abdr Posts: 118
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    My feedback:

    • Machine pistols: I'd rather see them less accurate than reduced mag. And if you really want to reduce the mag, don't forget to add more maximum mags carried.
    • HBS spotter xp is too much, it's easier to spot with it, don't make player farm with it, don't make them happy to play sniper in this game. 80xp is same amount as killing an Aura or Sparks, so throw it 3 times and sit behind a box give him same xp as killing 10 enemies.
    • Aura health station: It's so easy to destroy, it have long cooldown, why nerf it more and more?
    • Loadout Case: Please put cobalt in it even the chance is only 0.5%.
    • Daily Rewards: only 100 fragments? What about minimum 165 instead so at 2nd, 4th & 6th day we can actually craft a card from previous day credits reward. THERE IS NO LEAD & IRON ANYMORE, 100 IS USELESS!
  • XenithosXenithos Posts: 1,704Special Editor

    I have yet to actually experience the update, but here are some of my thoughts:

    • The arsenal crate and daily login bonus changes seem underwhelming, and I would prefer credits over fragments I believe.
    • I don't think the shotgun changes were really necessary, but I'm glad to see their minimum range slightly increased.
    • I certainly am not understanding of the Machine pistol changes. One of the great things about DB was that you could reliably kill people with your pistol should you so choose. which leads me to my next point...
    • The Sparks changes about giving more hp to teammates is good, bringing her down to 25 a pop I think is a bit much of a hit... She has to spend over 10 seconds of her healing arsenal time just to heal herself 50hp now. With no other medics on the team this is just... painful to read. I get that she has a high survivability, but if that's your feeling then why not tone down her self healing, but DECREASE the cooldown of her packs? Seriously, by nerfing the Machine Pistols EVEN FURTHER, which btw, continues into her realm of having super weak secondaries. Sparks got hit HARD by this update. And just last update you reduced the damage of her Revivr already.
    • Changing speed values on mercs like Fragger and Thunder often ends up impacting player performance with them because of muscle memory. Give it time before you touch em again SD.
    • Seriously? 130hp change to Fragger? Well.... alright?
    • Why have you still not just decreased the time it takes Guardian to reach a max pulse charge?
    • I think the sniper changes are perfect. Can't wait to try them out.

    Something further, I have no idea why you guys are changing the high skill mercs and making them weaker. Specifically Sparks and Kira are frequently played by tryhards if you will because someone seriously talented has to be behind the mouse to get the most benefit out of them. By reducing almost every aspect of Sparks in the last two updates except for her speed, and reducing Kira's exp gain despite the fact that her laser is STILL BUGGED seriously irks me. Redeye is skilled among high level play, the same goes with all of the best balanced mercs.

    I don't care how much you've played or how good your aim is - If you haven't touched the game at least twice in three months then I see your "opinion" as hot moot.

  • SpytiSpyti Posts: 1

    I dont want to say much due to the fact that I only played the game for 100 hours, but hey, why not.
    -Auras nerf seems unnecesary in my opinion, she was already fine, to me at least to me.
    -Fragger, the same, why would you nerf his health? I just cant understand? Now you better just use nader, a bit less health but much more fire power and movility.
    -Proxys nerf seems more like a buff to me, less damag but far mroe radious, so now its even harder to avoid pizza delivery...

    Something I think would be nice to see implemented ingame is the option that when you buy the obsidian operatives pack, it wont give ya the cards it shows, insteed, you get a paybill per obsidian merc, so you could use it to pick the loadout card you like the most from the existing one, on epaybill per merc, so you cant have more than 1, and those who bought them when the card got introduced, allow them to make a free trade up for the card the prefer, so you could change the first obsidian arty for the newer one if desired. Hope I expressed myself correctly.

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