Raffle! #1

KiraysKirays Posts: 1,391Moderator

Hello. :)

I'm holding a raffle for the mercenary Fletcher.

To enter you just have to post in this thread. At a given time, depending on the popularity of this, I will close the thread and determine the winner through the site linked below.


Please note that you are only allowed one post, multiple will not be considered.

Good luck!


  • RyhonRyhon Posts: 2

    Hello :)

  • ThePigVomitThePigVomit Posts: 239
    edited January 8

    But what if I've already got the merc? Count me in any way.

    Even if it's just a code, I'm still in. I have friends that don't have Fletcher that I can give the code to.

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  • Heyo, Majorlaser03

  • my name uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh jeff

  • _Evan88__Evan88_ Posts: 2

    I'll take a free merc, good luck all!

  • Dys[fn]alDys[fn]al Posts: 72

    I've already got Fletcher but I don't think my brother does so count me in

  • dadlydoodadlydoo Posts: 2

    i wanna be sticky<3

  • Skyk0rSkyk0r Posts: 2

    yay freee merc :D

  • WintergreenWintergreen Posts: 575

    @ThePigVomit said:
    But what if I've already got the merc? Count me in any way.

    Agreed. We get Fletcher himself or something related to Fletcher? Count me in if it's for misc' goodies! If not, ignore my post because I already have him.

  • Lord_CoctusLord_Coctus Posts: 2,095

    Yay a free Fletcher I neither want or need

    Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    Sparps is bae.
    Thunder bangs you too.
  • Already have him...so maybe a set of real life sticky bombs?

  • noobtianoobtia Posts: 67

    Have it already but I'm in. #yolo

  • A giveaway's a giveaway, I'll join.

  • FishRollsFishRolls Posts: 73

    Calling it now I won't win.

  • bgyoshibgyoshi Posts: 923
    edited January 4

    Kirays: Free stuff!

  • i´m always in for free stuff

  • I will win. “Pain and shame both at once” “No charge oh wait explosive charge”. Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • I am a transfer student from Wy, but have lived in Canada for all my life ;3
    Really I’m only here for the arts, Love seeing any artist grow as an artist, so if you ever want to share.

  • ArkiiArkii Posts: 68

    Entering to save the world from one more Fletcher :3

    (Fletcher in his new home :>)

  • well good luck to me then

  • KiraysKirays Posts: 1,391Moderator
    edited January 5

    The code only activates Fletcher himself, no other goodies unfortunately.

    @Lord_Coctus @Mr.Cuddlesworth I can't tell if you would like to opt in from reading your posts so I'd appreciate a short notice. :)

  • Lord_CoctusLord_Coctus Posts: 2,095

    I'll opt in, all of those recent Fletcher cards I got must be for something.

    Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    Sparps is bae.
    Thunder bangs you too.
  • If it just unlocks him , then nah.

  • OwynTylerOwynTyler Posts: 353

    Hi (sorry for my bad english)

  • XenithosXenithos Posts: 1,291Special Editor


    I don't know if any will get this...

    I don't care how much you've played or how good your aim is - If you haven't touched the game at least twice in three months then I see your "opinion" as hot moot.

  • FalC_16FalC_16 Posts: 859

    I am good with my hands would you agree?

  • Ains x aims NEW SHIP (nah jk pls dont hurt)

  • GatoCommodoreGatoCommodore Posts: 3,838


    also, @Kirays if i win may i re-sell the code?

  • KiraysKirays Posts: 1,391Moderator

    Congratulations @SandStormVN , you win! o:)

    Check your messages, the code will be there.

    Yes, feel free to hand it to your friends. @GatoCommodore

    Until next time...there are still quite a couple of codes to go, Kira, Fragger, Guardian... ;)

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