Do you ever get hyped for anything anymore?

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Man, this last year I didn't get hyped for anything, heck I don't bother watching trailers at all. Even to things I follow.

I remember that great feeling of my favorite media receiving new content tease (sequel, prequel, update, new installment, etc.).
Like the light at the end of the tunnel. Looking forward to the future, not caring over harshness of life itself.

Nowadays I'm so snarky ans skeptical I can't get hyped for anything, cause I always subconsciously expect disappointment, no matter what...

Of course hype is a bad thing and all, but that feeling of hope... forever lost... Least the unexpected surprises are good, that I gotta say.

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    Baseball, movies, vacations/travel

    For games? No, nothing is really worth the hype any more. Pretty much every game is a just a cookie cutter of the last one.

    Nowadays it's less about being hyped for the release of a game and more about finding a random gem amidst all the garbage.

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