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    @Begin2018 said:
    @Vilham: Usually we fix things when they are broken. But Underground (and Terminal) are good as they are. At best you are just loosing your time and at worst we will dislike the new versions.

    If map devs are telling us these maps have problems, then we should help them find solutions. There are many problems between these maps that can be addressed, only if we tell them whats a problem and whats a solution.

    The problem that happened with Dome was a lack of communication, resulting in changes some people don't agree with. With their new feedback philosophy hopefully we can increase the quality of these reduxes.

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    Dome was broken then it was a good thing to modify it. But it isn't the case for Underground and Terminal.

    Anyway, my feedback is : Underground and Terminal are good as they are, don't change them.

    While Castle already need to be fixed : The last objective is mostly impossible to defuse.

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    Proxy picture says it all really.

    Eradicator of Chimps

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    This is maybe a minor point, but what the last objective implicates kind of bothers me. Everybody drowns! The attackers are basically send on a suicide mission in Underground. I am fully aware that mercs are shooting each other and blow each other to pieces, but this is all in a more comical, light hearted style. Drowning on the other hand is so gruesome.

    It's kind of like Sub-Zero showing up in Super Smash Brothers and ripping Toads cutsy mushroom head off. Yes, the characters in SSB are violent to each other, but it is a complete different style than MK violence.

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    @Melinder said:
    Proxy picture says it all really.

    Are your 698 posts like this one? Then you should learn to shut up, really.

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    The defenders should have a harder time getting to the side balcony on point A, and there should be fewer sightlines into the attackers spawn.

    The Generator Room at point B should be easier for attackers to control as a forward position. Perhaps you could do this by connecting the current hallway to a second one that opens behind the big box in the main lane. That way attackers have a second way to retreat when being overwealmed and more options to access the route.

    Also there should be less sightlines from defender spawn on point B to encourage snipers to be more active.

  • Underground is a fun map to play on but from large amounts of games resulting in wins and losses and seeing some OCB streams with this map there has been a handful problems. Here are the problems from the eyes of me and other people I've spoken this to.


    -The first objective has sight-lines that are useless or a big game changer, an example is the defender's left side as they can snipe you all the way to the other side of the map where attackers spawn, another example is the roof of the medbay onto the attackers left route or the right route as well making it a match of spawn killing. A useless sight-line is mainly the balcony on the defenders side with the elevator to it.
    -The ways to get in as attackers are struggling at times as the only two options at first is the defenders way in and the roof while the others you have to fight for, they make it hard to keep track of the main obj and the way in, the gens feel like something not worth fighting for as much since they are just a simple task or an extremely challenging one.
    -The Second main obj has terrible secondary obj, the gas tunnel is a waste of time to come out the same way than a similar route with less time cut out and the gen is so exposed and close to attackers that makes the defenders feel that its not worth taking control of. The doors to defenders spawn feel useless and is focused on more than the main obj making it harder to newer players to keep track of for such a useless thing, a key example is how you are able to wall jump out of it or even go up the pipe or into the ammo room(in other words there is never a closed route).
    -The first main obj has a open roof that makes it hard to defend since there is always proxies and random explosives coming down without you noticing it.

    Here is a map overview on ideas that can be reworked, https://imgur.com/gallery/76mBJ

    Solutions(corresponding to problems):

    -Introduce a new route for attackers that goes into the middle and high up to be in par with the roof of the medbay to make a new route to get out of sniping hell and a porch for snipers or other mercs like turtle to take out snipers or spam
    -Open up the south door and make the generator be used on the roof to make a vertical door(or a hatch i think its called) and add more to the north generator. Adding to the first problem and solution, have the gen open a door to the balcony on the defenders side(that means taking out the boxes and all that clutter behind the ammo box but move the box to face the wall) and add a mg nest up there so that people can use that spot more than before with attackers on suicide missions to the elevator.
    -Rework the secondary obj on the Second main obj, have the ammo room have two going up to meet up together and a 3rd set of stairs to the side heading to the terminal and add two doors, when the generator is fixed the door leading to the terminal is closed but the defender door is open but when its destroyed its the other way around so that it makes it easier for attackers to get on the point instead of just one way in and cut off a route for defenders. For the gas tunnel move the gen closer to the hole into the main room and reroute the tunnel to go further down as a flank to the terminal.
    -For this I just explained on the second solution

    I thank you for reading the ideas I have for the map and I wish for you to make the best of any decisions to make this map better than before.

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    I believe the overall map is well designed as is.
    1. The only problem I have is; Rhino being able to stick the gun thru cover to shoot. Especially irritating on first obj inside the plant location and in the pump room on the last obj. Its ridiculous you can see the barrel shooting thru the same barrier that is stopping your shots.
    2. Please change, so if his mini gun doesn't have line of sight the rounds get blocked.

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