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    @Sorotia Yeah, OB64 for Paladins is honestly going to kill the game for me. Some characters I like to have only one point for one of the cards, like the fire spit card for Drogoz and others I have 4 points dedicated to one card like the reduction to restore soul card for Seris. Now, every card can go up to 10 levels which is leveled up by RNG via radiant and/or champion chests.

    Also, the cards in ranked are just all set to a certain level, which is unacceptable still because you cannot edit like you can with the 12 point system.

    This basically just removes all the customization I loved about Paladins and replaces it for a grind style system. Hell, essence was not this bad when it first came out, and now it isn't even that hard to get essence.

    At least in Dirty Bomb, the new RNG system is purely cosmetic. I'd like that there was less RNG involved, still, but it's better than killing off your free game before it comes out of beta cough cough(you can argue DB is dead, but for me it isn't, sorry)

    Side note: Also DB could use more optimization like in the menus and there's also the crashing issues.

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    Dirty Bomb is a JoJo reference ゴゴゴゴ...

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    This already sums up what's coming up next :

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    @_milla still have the game uninstalled. Have little to 0 interest in returning at this stage, at least until they revert the weapon balance changes or maybe at the very least remove the horizontal recoil. To me the game will remain a joke while it is still in the game. I can't support SD at the moment haha.

  • @Sorotia is that even possible?

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    @aminuseternal said:
    @Sorotia is that even possible?

    From what I've seen and heard it's going to be even worse...more levels to grind for cards.

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