So how are LMGs suppose to be played?

I know in shooters, LMG have worse range, reload time and recoil than ARs, but the damage per bullet on close/medium range and ammo capacity is superior.

How does it apply to them in DB?
Are they suppose to be ambush/defense type of playstyle? Any reports from LMG savvy?

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  • jooshoyesjooshoyes Posts: 322

    Well, with me having 15,000 kills with mk46 I feel I should input.

    A long time ago, I was trash with lmgs, their high recoil and spread completely putting me off using them, despite them being frankly cool looking and sounding. Over time, I learned something particular with the mk46. It has an extremely fast ads time of 133ms, which means it is easier to actually ads mid firefight than most other weapons.

    The lmgs in this game have trash range, coupled with their higher than average horizontal recoil just means that at first it seemed a bit counter-intuitive to have such a fast ads, with such clear sights. However, I realised that if you could get the jump on multiple enemies, coupled with a concussion grenade , it becomes a walk in the park to just mow them down, especially with how much DPS and the mag cap. the mk46 has when shots are accurate. I find it is just better to flank with thunder and surprise a group of enemies with a concussion, which they could not predict, then mow them down with the lmgs.

    But that's my two cents, I don't use the k121 often as I don't like the guns really inaccurate and fires slow, same thing I feel with blish and Shar can. I drastically prefer my m62 fragger in fragment and soon to be obsidian when the season ends.

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    I was browsing my stats while waiting of a match, and noticed that my accuracy with the MK46 is the highest between the full-auto weapons by far.

    As @jooshoyes said it is because i'm mostly shooting concussed enemies while ADS.
    Using the iron sights as often as possible makes sense, because

    • Thunder has a huge hitbox, and he is slow, so strafing doesn't help as much (you still get hit)
    • Thunder has high HP, so getting hit doesn't hurt as much

    So instead of trying to raise the enemy TTK with dodging, you can decrease your own TTK with ADS and standing still (spam crouch if the enemies aim for your head)

    Or just use the M4 or the Timik instead of the LMGs :trollface:

  • in reality LMG's are meant for direct fire support and fire suppression against enemies. Mercs like fragger and thunder are equipped with these cause their main role is to be the tank or the shield of the team. whether is is being the forefront of an assault or the sentry in a defense the main role of a LMG is for suppressive fire support. My preferred LMG would be the K-121 cause of the heavy firepower it boasts. trust me, dont expect to win in a direct firefight against a k-121 especially since its fragger wielding it. as for the MK-46, its really weak but its fire rate and accuracy make up for it. Still though the k-121 reigns supreme in the LMG section. Like i said though the main role of a LMG is for direct fire support and suppressive fire.

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