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Darny's 3D Prints

AndarneAndarne Posts: 32
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Since February '17, I've been 3D-printing things as a hobby - and naturally, I turned towards Dirty Bomb.

I've made several amazing things, and lots of people over on the Dirty Bomb Discord in #community-content love these! So I thought I'd share them here too.

As always, you can check out #community-content for my, and many others fantastic creations, or follow me on Instagram at andarn3D!


DB-Logo Keyrings

These are, by far, my most-printed things from Dirty Bomb.

Each one takes around 45 minutes at 0.2mm layer height, and 30% infill with supports.



Here's the Turkish Delight himself!

He took around 7 hours 35 minutes to print, at 0.08mm layer height at 60% infill.

The strange thing is, Turtle's model is 50% bigger than all the other Mercs.





Aimee, Proxy & Sparks

The main Girls of DB!


Fidget Spinner

This...monstrosity... is now in the hands of MassE at Splash Damage.




Phoenix took around 6 hours to print at 0.08mm layer height.



Stabbity stab stab!

I printed off two Phantoms, one at 0.3mm and one at 0.1mm.

The 0.3mm Phantom is now with Splash Damage, in the hands of Popey. The 0.1mm Phantom now belongs to TheLostPhantom in return for winning a Twitch Stream Giveaway I was doing.



Here's Nader!

She was printed at 0.08mm layer height. My slicer, Simplify3D, estimated that she'd take 5 and a half hours to print.

8 hours later...



6 down, 16 to go!

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  • AndarneAndarne Posts: 32
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    The Selbstadt and PDA print was mostly a success!


    I'm live now on Youtube with another special 3D-print stream!

    I'm printing off a 1:1 scale Phantom Mask!

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    Can we order a keychain form you?

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