[MERC] Swift (second version)

doxjqdoxjq Posts: 2,081

An assault merc based solely around flanking. Essentially she is a super agile glass cannon, with super strong full auto weapons. Designed mostly for being able to get in and out fast and do lots of secondary damage to aid the front liners.

Gender: Female
Nationality: Swiss
Class: Assault / Flanking
Health: 90
Speed: 470


1. Hornets Nest Grenade (Cool down: 24 seconds)

A low charge explosive containing 60 x .45 caliber pellets that do 10hp damage per pellet. Maximum damage dealt per merc = 50hp. The idea of this ability is to weaken enemies through choke points or enemies camping a room, but with a low damage cap it is unable to actually 1 hit kill anyone (unlike Fragger and Javelin who can instantly wipe multiple people.)


Second attempt at this merc, with the only real difference being in the weapons, HP/speed stats and lower damage on the ability.

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