Is the Shar-C a better K-121?

It has greater range and accuracy, and less randomness in recoil.

The difference between the DPS might seem a lot, but 17 damage is extremely awkward:
The Shar-C kills the target (from max HP) in the same amount of bullets, except for Phoenix and Rhino.
Also, with the full fall-off applied, both deal 11 dmg.
The difference in their fire-rate is merely 3%, so it's safe to say their TTK is pretty similar.

So: Is my interpretation of the data correct (haven't tried the Shar-C yet), or is there something important I missed?


  • ARs beat LMGs in my book.
    No matter how much I try them, or experiment with different tactics (like crouching and ambushing like a turret) I always come back to any AR.

    RIP DB
    Like TF2, buried under gambling addicts and whales, forgetting the core gameplay.

  • yes

    K121 is only viable on cqc on most part

  • GuziolGuziol Posts: 321

    Pretty much, yes. But if it would be nerfed instead of having lmgs buffed I would flip my lid.

  • I don't think so. I prefer how the K-120 feels, regardless of concrete stats.

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