The DB Genome Project - Release 17.0 (Two-for-One special!)

DjiesseDjiesse mtl.qc.caPosts: 860Special Editor

Probably the biggest update since the release of the Second Edition loadouts, the Ranked Season 4 / Jackal's Eve double-tap resulted in 29 slides being updated or added (including a small correction to an existing one).

Version 17.0 release notes:

  • Added Ranked Season 4 loadouts and skin previews for all mercs except Guardian and Javelin (not available for them)
  • Added new Obsidian loadouts and skin preview for Fragger
  • Added Jackal's Eve event loadouts and skin previews for all mercs
  • Added a missing loadout ID header on one of Phoenix's slides

(@Eox @Kirays if you don't mind...?)

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