MIssion Impossible: Re-join in Ranked

So can someone tell me how the @$!# I can rejoin ? I left because had problems with lags(no reason just in ranked my ping can fly ) and had no option for re-enter in the game. I have already lost 4 matches that could be win 100% and ofc I have the penality


  • x3onnx3onn Posts: 49

    At the moment, only way to not get abandon mark instantly when leaving the game is to close the game via Task Manager. After this you get a rejoin option, but you get it only once. So if you have someone on the server, tell them to tell you when it says you have left the server. If you connect too early, it will tell you server is full and you won't get a reconnect option second time.

    I know it sucks big time

  • K1X455K1X455 Posts: 1,707

    how is your Steam connecting to the internet?

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