cant get into ranked????

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Any one have this problem

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Hey look i finaly got a sig , and nothing to put here


  • ImSplooshImSploosh Posts: 1,167

    Do you have a ban? It would say it in the chat box if you do. That's what happens when you get a ban, it starts and then kicks you out immediately. Not sure how you would get a ban without knowing, but ya know, bugs!

  • hurgyahurgya Posts: 104

    I had the same issue this week, after cancelling search several times (checking the estimated queue length in both ranked and casual, etc).

    Restarting the game solved it for me, though

  • NailNail Wpg, CanadaPosts: 3,534

    was a bug, should be fixed now

  • Mc1412013Mc1412013 Posts: 2,097

    I havent played ranked in about a week

    Hey look i finaly got a sig , and nothing to put here

  • bgyoshibgyoshi Posts: 998

    I have a similar kinda problem

    Every time my mouse goes toward Ranked, it immediately jerks to CMM and clicks that instead. Sometimes I can't get even it to the red image for Ranked. In these cases it jerks to the right and clicks the server browser instead and I end up playing that.

    I feel like my computer is trying to tell me something...

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