Merc Concept: Cyanide

Ever since I red an article from Splash Damage that they want to bring in diversity in DB I have been thinking about an idea for a new stereotypic Merc, and since I call myself proudly “deutscher Bundesbürger” (German citizen) and since I always loved the stereotypes that existed for us I thought “What is the most stereotypic offensive tool that people associate with Germany” So I proudly resent to you: Cyanide, a filthy German Ex-officer with a questionable arsenal
Merc Concept: Cyanide
Health: 130
Speed: 410
Primary Weapons: -Ratman 88k (Mauser 98k a mixture of the Grandeur and the MOA)
-Grandeur SR
-MOA Snpr
Secondary Weapons: -Stickhandle 8 (Broomhandle/Red 9 hybrid of the Revolvers and the DE. 50)
-DE. 50
Ability: -Gas Grenade -> Once thrown emits a Gas for 3 Seconds that negates all healing or health regen for 10 Seconds and deals 100 Damage in the first three seconds (since the purpose is to disrupt enemy nests and the gas is visible and a small fizz is audible the 100 will never have their full damage done) -> 25 Second Cooldown
-Voltglove -> long ranged engineering ability to repair and defuse out of distance. Planting still needs to be done manually (nobody wants 5 Cyanides to spam C4 at the objective)

Role: All the other 3 Engineers are fairly short ranged with SMGs and Shotguns. All of them have to be decently close to the objective to fill their role and all of them are countered by Phantom with his annoying EMP-thing. Cyanides role is it to stay at a distance to get the job done. This is especially needed if the enemy is holding a hard objective in a tight area with Aura Stations Turrets and Shields. He can make those bottlenecks trouble and disrupt them for long enough for his team to make a decent push without the annoyance of infinite health cowards getting in their way. In Pubs he can just be a fun thing to mess around with a decent flush ability and an engineering tool to get things done for once.

As with most suggestions for Mercs I am always open for ideas and tweaks from anybody.
What do you think of the idea and is it an adjusted idea for the Game.

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