Kira's visual indicator laser (like Arty markers) is missing [regression, 20170921 Ghostclip]


  • Kira's version of Arty's designator (vertical laser beam) is invisible [regression, 20170921 Ghostclip]

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  • Defect, visual, regression



  • Low

    • Visual
  • Low-medium

    • Indirectly affects gameplay: Loss of visual cue

    • Regression

Can be reproduced offline (SwitchLevel)

  • Yes


  • Minimal/low settings
  • Read-write or deleted .ini or .ue3profile
  • TexturePoolSize 1 or default


  • The Ghostclip update changed the appearance of Kira's laser targeting.

    When moving an active pillar of fire, the desired location should have a flat square+circle-cross appearing just above the ground, and a small vertical laser beam similar to an impending Arty strike.

    The vertical laser beam is now missing.

  • Steps to reproduce:

    • As Kira, activate a satellite laser
    • Press Q or equip to move the laser somewhere else
  • Expected results:

    • Green/red cylinder
    • Light blue square+circle-cross
    • Light blue vertical laser beam
  • Actual results:

    • The vertical laser beam is gone.

    • Green/red cylinder

    • Light blue square+circle-cross

Reproduction rate:

  • 10/10


  • This change may not be specific to these mercs only and may affect others (i.e. restoring Skyhammer and Arty's effects, but forgetting about Kira, Bushwhacker, and Proxy):
    • No other abilities or effects or other parts of the game were tested
    • I don't know what other assets use this rope sprite laser
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