Could we get a few more seconds in the CMM lobby please?

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Right now the time span between actually knowing which side/map you are on and the start of the match only allows for changing one merc due to the slow responsitivity of the UI. Most of the time that's not a problem, but every now and then you might want to switch more than one merc per match.

If you are really fast you can start switching a second merc but the timer runs out before your party gets updated for the current match. Your selection still gets carried over to the next lobby screen, though.

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  • DjiesseDjiesse mtl.qc.caPosts: 830Genome Editor

    Agree. I know people keep complaining about all the delays before you can get in-game, but this is one that is actually useful and right now you just don't have any time to adjust your lineup based on the map/side, never mind check out the rest of your team's composition to adjust accordingly :(

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