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  • watsyurdealwatsyurdeal Posts: 4,813

    @henki000 said:
    I'm the only one who thinks that snipers need damage buff? Come on people, there is explosives, airforces and invisible katanas, but one hit sniper is too much? Look, 2 hits is almost same as 1 hit. Usually you are already losing in reaction time, if you get hit in first shot. Unless you are running with group, snipers generally arent. And those good snipers run with group and check corners with their abilities. It's not their weapon that makes them good, its their abilities.

    Yes, you are, cause 60 damage is more than enough to 2 shot everyone except Fragger, which is fair imo.

    So hey, I have a small guide here you may like, go ahead, read it, you know you want to.

  • 376E1AE459B1376E1AE459B1 Posts: 119
    edited October 2017

    @henki000 said:

    Not very limited if you can stack your team with those mercs. Think about dream strategy. You have 7 teammates and you all have skyhammer in their squad. One throws airstrikes, hit k and swap to arty or medic depending cooldown situation. Those lone sniper wolfs cant repair that EV then?

    that's bs, cooldown is suspended for a merc you're not using. You can only do what you describe.. twice per match

    And yeah, as I wrote, a superhuman sniper doesn't EVEN guarantees his team will win. Which is exactly what makes a sniper just a selfish player. I hate snipers in my team even more than in the other team.

  • henki000henki000 Posts: 458


    Allright then. Imo snipers should down everyone with headshot and gib half of them. This could be done nerfing their HP, speed and crapping their spotting abilities. Maybe even add some quickscope spread, so they are forced to use secondary weapons in close combat.


    Yes, cooldown is suspended in that time period. You can still stack your team with those mercs. 7 Partys is even worse than 7 Skymammals. If you hate snipers because they dont guarantee win, they should be reworked. I dont mean that they should be compulsory, but more liked. Present-day Dirty Bomb culture might just kick you out of server, if you decide to play sniper. I dont know exactly how to fix this, but nerfing sure wont make it better.

    And in Street Fighter. There are counters to every situation and almost nothing guarantee win. Only reactional speed and button reflexes, or skill matter. It's still even less popular game than Dirty Bomb, if you look at steam player statistic.

  • watsyurdealwatsyurdeal Posts: 4,813, if anything just nerf Vasilli's HP, other than that there's not much that can be changed.

    To be honest the Felix might as well just not exist, we really only need the MoA.

    So hey, I have a small guide here you may like, go ahead, read it, you know you want to.

  • woodchipwoodchip Posts: 176
    edited October 2017

    @watsyurdeal said:
    The problem is that aimpunch sucks, it only affects hipfire but scopes seem and feel like they aren't even affected.

    Correct. It's easyish to snap to heads even while getting chain headshotted. That is the obvious first thing to change to make a dominating sniper more bearable. Either by changing the aimpunch mechanic vs scopes or by nerfing Focus or whatever.

    And then nerf MoA bodyshot damage by 1.

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