Didnt Get Arsenal Crate When Leveled Up

[b]Type of Bug:[/b] I guess its In game bug
[b]Description:[/b] Leveled up from lvl 24 to 25 and didnt get the Arsenal I shouldv got..Heres the story:
I was lvl 24 with 1200 xp left to lvl up, I went in a game got around 2000 xp and left it, I leveled up but no Arsenal Showed up - I guess its because I didnt get the xp from the match end when you get all your xp.
[b]Video / Screenshot:[/b] No video of me leveling up :/
[b]Steps to reproduce:[/b] Get into a game and when you have enough xp to lvl up leave it.
[b]Result:[/b] Didnt get my Arsenal Crate :(
[b]Expected result:[/b] Getting an Arsenal Crate
[b]Reproduction rate:[/b] 1/10 On

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