Fel-ix is very difficult to use post nerf

Or is it just me?

Felix has those bulky sights that make headshots difficult. I used to just double body shot people, but with the nerfs thats near impossible to do now.


  • dusannfsdusannfs Posts: 19

    Git Gud. No, seriously, all you gotta do is aim for the head. Sure, the MOA and Vas are still superior, and a bit easier to use, but it's not that drastic. When I play badly, I blame the gun. When i play good, I realize I would play well on any weapon and that those "disadvantages" don't matter as long as I land those sweet headshots! Uh I might get some hate, but if you want to practice for Felix, use PDP. Same scope. Also you will get some feel of the gun, just set the rule to just headshot and resist the temptation to be the autonoob bodyshot scrub. Slow the firerate down a bit if you really want to immerse yourself, so you don't panic later on when using Felix (or MOA) which have less room for mistakes due to much slower firing. Happy sniping!

  • GuziolGuziol Posts: 308

    Felix is the only fair sniper rifle in my opinion. Moa and pdp are easymode and grandeur is not even a sniper rifle. And it's @$!#.

  • GatoCommodoreGatoCommodore Posts: 3,623

    yea they need to change some of the sight on guns like the blish and fel-IX

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  • @GatoCommodore said:
    yea they need to change some of the sight on guns like the blish and fel-IX

    In what kind of way? Some sights tbo i do not like much, mainly the rear sights like on grandeur or ring sights on say BR-16 that obstruct FOV.

    But that's because this game cannot simulate view optics and eye sight domination. I guess Depth of field is the closest example, but that's usually turned off.

  • frostyvampirefrostyvampire Posts: 1,120

    MoA is better but as an Aimee main I have no choice but to use the FEL-IX because she can't have the MoA.
    It's still a great gun, just aim for the head and watch the salt in chat. Snipers are supposed to be difficult to use because they are so effective and can one shot. You want an easy to use weapon? Use PDP or Hochfir. Now think how effective they are compared to bolt actions and rifles

    I actually play better since the nerf. But that's probably just because I got a new monitor (144hz instead of my old potato 60hz) :tongue:

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