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    I hate you. I really hate you.

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    Bayonetta OST-Mysterious Destiny

    Bayonetta, you're a mystery
    You come along with a destiny
    This is your life, a battlefield telling you who you are
    Bayonetta, this is your time
    You're gonna sparkle, you're gonna shine
    Girl, when you fight it looks like a dance, you are magic, you're magic

    Come on, come on, come on, there's only one way, your way
    Come on, come on, come on, you know there's only one way, your way
    Dance, fight, spin around, spin around
    Dance, fight, fly higher, fly higher, fly higher

    Bayonetta, you bury your loneliness deep down in your eyes
    Sadness lies in your smile
    But victory shines in your eyes
    You're still alive
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    @Wintergreen said:
    I hate you. I really hate you.

    If I could. I would give you that piece of cow filth for nothing, free of charge.

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    Have fun having yet another special edition card, wasting your inventory! :D

    Fletcher gettin' Sledgehammer melee supporter.
    More arcadey, less grounded gameplay supporter.

  • Words can not describe how much salty I am right now.

  • Crotzni master race

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