New Merc: Guardian



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    @Ptiloui said:

    @scrub_lord said:
    Her ability is suppose to block rockets right?

    Literally just had 3 rockets in a row bypass her shield rofl

    Exacly, this is not the sield that block incoming throwables (rocket, nades, stickies, etc) but the drone itself. If the drone doesn't see the rocket, the rocket won't be blocked (like if the shield bypass a wall, or the drone is behind some crates).
    But after the nade or rocket has passed the shield, if it continues its path and become visible by the drone, it then gets destroyed inside the air shield.
    (Hope it is clear enough :blush: )

    Wait i though i saw in the merc role call nades and rockets were taken down the little guy. Look at the vault scene. When they were throwing every thing at it.

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