Terminal and its inconsistency

Not saying every match should be the same but more often than not whenever i play terminal the enemy team gets camped around this area:

Or We get absolutely crushed and the enemy already has C4 on both objectives, 2min into the match. I honestly think this map is due for a rework. i think forward spawn should be removed and have everyone start at the same place. then maybe add another objective between the 1st and the second one that the players have to get throu before they reach the final two objectives.


  • TheStrangerousTheStrangerous Posts: 1,758

    Terminal is my least favorite map, honestly.

    2 square areas, sticking to each other. More routes would make it better, or maybe more underground area or balconies or both.

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  • WintergreenWintergreen Posts: 526

    Figured I'd share this one with you too. We win!

  • Yeah i was supersized to see that they were reworking this map a week or so after i made this post

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