New Merc: Wriley

Name - Wriley
Class - Mechanic
Health - 100
Speed - 430
Gender - Male (voice)
Country of Origin - British
Age - 22 Years

Profile- A former Student of Bushwhacker who thinks he´s smarter than is Old teacher and build his one little friend.


1 Gun Drone.

Cooldown: 30 seconds

The Drone is controled like Kiras laser with a remode controle.
The Drone Flys in a randome pattern in the Area that it was send to.
THe Drone has 50 HP
and has the same DPS as Bushwhackers Turret.
It also can only be used outdoors

2 Objetive Specialist

M9/Caulden/Hoigat .224
Beckhill/Stilnotto Stilleto/Cricket-Bat


  • Mr-PenguinMr-Penguin Posts: 2,249

    The drone is a worse turret. It has the same DPS as a turret and can be shot out of the sky with a burst from basically every weapon that isn't a machine pistol.

    At least the control system isn't bad. I can't see any way to salvage this without making it OP as hell though.

    Art courtesy of @Matuno
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